VH1's Hip Hop Honors

Ok, so it's 1:56 in the morning. Because I was ridiculously tired after cooking a nice Sunday dinner, I took an almost FIVE-hour nap! (It was completely unintentional!) Anyway, so when I woke UP at midnight, I figured there'd be nothing good on. Lo and behold, at 12:30, VH1's Hip Hop Honors were replaying! Whoo hoo because I hadn't seen them yet! Well, the first person they were honoring was LL Cool J. And there was a performance by Nelly and Ciara. Well, I was completely skeptical of Nelly and Ciara (both who I like, actually, but I'm just skeptical sometimes!) Well, they proved to be great and made me a believer! Nelly really captured the 80s LL! He performed "I'm bad" and it was almost like watching the video for that song! Plus, he looked a little sexy! I'm now offically ON Nelly! Then, he and Ciara did "Doin' it" and they were very good! I thought it was good that they were able to add their own flair (for example, instead of repping Queens and Brooklyn as the original song does, Nelly said "the Lou" and "ATL"!) but still staying pretty true to the song. Plus, Ciara looked really pretty! Prettier than usual, and I always think she looks pretty! I think it was the hair. She need to FOREVER keep her hair dark! Gorgeous! Plus, it wasn't just hanging there like normal! It was curly or wavy or something. I loved it! So, they have both made me fans, moreso than I was before.

Ok, so honestly I really just wanted to comment on Nelly and Ciara, but for the most part, I MUST say that this is one of the best "honor some folk" shows I've seen in a long time. I really think that all of the performances were really good. The tribute ones so far have been really impressive because it seems like the people really took the time to capture the person to whom they are tributing. Right now, TI, Black Thought & Common are doing a tribute to Big Daddy Kane! Really good! (sidebar: Common has such a beautiful face. I think it's the eyes!!) I think what's most wonderful is that I'm not thinking "WHY did they choose these people?" after each tribute performance--like I do MOST times when I see shows like this. i.e. when LIZA MINNELLI sang at the Michael Jackson one! Sheesh! I didn't even know what song she was performing until someone SAID it later! What the h___! Anyway, even the honorees performed really well! (Um, Ice-T though. I wasn't too impressed but I think that's just because I never really liked Ice-T as a rapper. When he was really "out" I wasn't into West Coast rap like that. I like him better as an actor than a rapper, actually!)

Also, Russell Simmons and Reverend Run look more and more alike the older they get! Wow! Ok, I should probably know this, but who's older? I always thought Russell. I still think that but they must be pretty close in age. Being the ME that I am, I'm going to have to do the research and find out!

OK, I WAS about to end this post, but the show just came back from commercial. How GHETTO is it that they just showed Diddy going up on stage (for the tribute to honoree B.I.G.) and some woman was on her CELL PHONE talking and then she just held the phone up to the air. So, what, she's like letting her friend "attend" the concert? I mean, if you are in the FRONT ROW of a nationally televised show, please at least act like you're not THAT ghetto! Last comment, Faith: what? I don't really like what she she has on tonight, or her attempt at "hip hop-ness" or whatever. I'm not feeling her tonight. But as you may know, I've never been the biggest Faith fan anyway. (Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know! I'm like the only one, but that's fine with me!) Ok, so sorry, one more comment. I now think that to call him "Lil" Cease is a big stretch. I might not have much room to talk, but wow, he's BLOWN UP! And I don't mean as far as his musical career! Yikes! Ok, now that it's 2:30 and I'm still completely NOT sleepy, what will I do now? (whoo hoo! Law & Order: CI is on!! and if you don't know what the "CI" stands for, then you don't know what's up!)


Toya said…
LOL! You are hilarious!
Tonyette said…
Well, thank you! From you, I take it as a compliment because I find you to be QUITE the comedienne!

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