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Dancing and/as ministry

This particular post was inspired by my awesome, inspiring, beautiful friend Toya! She has a posting on her blog and I wanted to write, like, a 500-word essay but that's her blog, not I had to try to keep my comments "short"! Her post got me thinking about being a liturgical dancer, what "ministry" really means and my place in the world! This post may just be a "brain dump" so please follow along as best you can! :-)

Well, I should probably start with this: I have been a liturgical dancer for, I think, 8 years now. It all started at my former church when the director of the dance ministry asked if I wanted to join the group! At the time, it was comprised of three formally trained dancers who were svelte and, well, seemed like "dancers". I was, at the time, 250 pounds and, at 22, hadn't danced with any kind of group or "formally" since about 3rd grade. The funny thing, I'd wanted to join them for a few months by th…


Life changes...a lot, sometimes rapidly! It sucks so bad sometimes! God is good and I'm strong, but still, man... I feel like Monica sings, "whatever don't kill you makes you stronger, well I must be the world's strongest woman"!! Monica, girl, I hear that!! The first time I heard that song, I said "I KNOW that's right!" The word says (1 Cor. 10:13) that God will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able...and I feel like "God must trust me tons and tons!" But again, He's good and I'm strong! So there's that!
So...we'll see what prayer, faith and time will bring me as I continue to wait on God and His promises! I have no choice but to wait anyway, right?

Singing/Even Me

I haven't written in a few months so I think today I'll post a few things!
First of all, I realized that I really like to sing! Certain songs just make me wanna belt out the lyrics at the top of my lungs! Right now, I have "Even Me" by Crystal Aiken on repeat. I want to get up and sing as loud as I possibly can and probably cry and scream afterward! But, because of where I am, it's not feasible! :-(
Oh well! I'll lip-sync extra hard, then!