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I'm a Zebra!!

OK, so I'm obviously NOT a zebra...but I have decided that for the rest of this week--at least the rest of the work week, but if I can, up through Sunday--I'm going to wear black, white or some combination of the two!! I recently realized that I LOVE white and black and apparently, black and white! (I said that I've recently realized it because I didn't consciously go out and buy tons of black and white...well, yes, I did with white, but not black! But almost every night that I was going to get dressed in Vegas, it was some version white and black...and I'm learning to just embrace that!!) I've discovered lots of ways to "spice it up" so I'm determined to do just that!! Yesterday...a black and white polka-dotted shirt with black Bermuda shorts--that I adore from Torrid. Today...a black and white paisley print top with white gauchos--that I LOVE from Target. Tomorrow, not really sure, but I'll come up with something!! Just felt the need to shar…

Back from Vegas

I was in Las Vegas from May 14 until May I'm home...and back to work...and I'm sad!!!!! Real sad!! That's it!!

PS I'll be 28 in a little over a month! Whoo hoo!

My child-filled weekend!!

You know, I don't know if I say it often on here, but I LOVE children!! I mean LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! And I think they love me...and I think I'm good with them!! That's why I'm, like, the world's oldest sitter! LOL!! I watched the children of a couple of friends from church this weekend!! They recently moved to York, PA and I told them that just because they moved didn't mean I wasn't willing to watch the children!! So this weekend, for the first time, I did an overnight baby-sit with them!! Did I mention they have 4 children who are 11, 7, 6, and 4? But I had a ball...Here is my account of what happened:

I got to their house about 5pm on Saturday and the drive was actually pretty nice!! The parents left about an hour later…I cooked dinner--corn dogs and Tater Tots--which we ate on the back deck. Then, baths and a board game--the Bratz dolls, which I am a little sick of have this "make the doll up" game--then ice cream sundaes and I let them watch…