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Warm-up post

This message is just to get me warmed up for the month of November!! I'll be posting something every day!! That won't be too hard during the week--except these days, I've been working hard as I DON'T KNOW WHAT--but the weekends is where I'll REALLY need to be diligent!! Whoo!
Any suggestions/questions that you'd like me to cover/answer in the next 30 days, please let me know!

I tried it...

Ok, so I decided to see if I could, in fact, drive with headphones on. Why because not only did I see someone with headphones on while on the way to work...but then when I left work for the day, on Friday, I saw someone else with headphones on. So I said, well maybe it's NOT against the law and maybe it IS NOT difficult to do. So...when I was going somewhere--can't remember where now!!--I decided to try it, with my iPod, and couldn't get but about a minute into the song until I felt like I couldn't do it!! It was weird!!
So again I ask, is it against the law?

Driving rules

I think I need to look at the driving rulebook (at least for MD). Can you drive with HEADPHONES on? There was a woman in a Volvo, who was driving terribly, with headphones on as she drove. I kept saying--"to her"--"you can't drive with headphones on! Can you?" because I think it's against the law. But I don't know. But either way, wouldn't that feel "audibly obstructive"? I think that's how I'd feel! And no, it really wasn't any of MY business...but for whatever reason, it really bothered me!!

A posting ERRY day!

I have agreed to take part in NaBloPoMo--National Blog Posting Month. It's an alternative to National Novel Writer's Month, or NaNoWriMo, which is the month of November. NaNoWriMo is a program to write an entire novel in one months' time. So, basically for NaBloPoMo, I just have to post something every day. I think I can, I think I can!

Wanna join up? Go here:

Bright as a highliter!! Really?

Warning: the following post is about tinkle aka urine! If you care not to know about this part of my life, please exit this blog now! (Or read a few other posts!)

OK, now that I've given the warning...I have a question:
Is anyone else UTTERLY DISTURBED by the fact that vitamins cause your tinkle (calling it "pee" seemed so juvenile in writing, although that is TOTALLY what I call it in "real life!") to be FLUORESCENT? I mean...honestly, I'm sure that if I took my vitamins later in the day and I went to the bathroom at night, then I'd probably NOT need to turn the light on. I'm rather bothered by the fact that something that is supposed to supplement and help my body causes another bodily function to alter, for lack of a better way to say it, in such a way! My nurse practitioner told me, but when she said "the first time" I thought she meant just that, the FIRST time! Not the FIRST tinkle EVERY DAY after I take my vitamins!! Yikes!! It's …

Worthy of Praise?

I think that we, as a society, are sort of backwards in who and what we praise. Because it can be so "easy" to do the wrong thing, we sometimes praise people who do what they are supposed to do, or we praise or celebrate people for the wrong thing!! But the real issue is that we have lowered the bar on what is right and what is expected. What the HECK am I talking about? Well, I personally know three guys who are raising their children, as in have full custody and are responsible for the day-to-day needs of the child or children. I think it's a wonderful thing!! The guys are singlehandedly raising their children for a number of reasons, whether the mom has passed or if she's just an incompetent parent for whatever reason! And again, I think it's remarkable that these dads that I know have stepped up to the plate. But I was thinking: should they get praise and celebration because they are doing what they SHOULD be doing? I mean, a child should have two loving, cap…