LB: last week's and this week's

OK, so I am watching the rerun of last week's Laguna Beach and I have MUCH to say!
First of all, if Talan wasn't already my BOYFRIEND, how he asked Kristin to the prom would have made him! He is the sweetest thing and it's WENCHES like the unworthy one (aka Kristin) who make it hard for the NICE girls! He had roses and candles...ok, what? We ARE talking about PROM right? But the whole "pranks for prom" thing, I am so not with it! I'd be so unamused! Like how Taylor's date had her car almost towed, NOT funny! And um...did Jeff and maybe the other dude's name was Jeff too, anyway did they like air kiss? Um...looks like it and YIKES! And how about Jason who I can't STAND! Why ask someone to the prom JUST to ignore and "hook up" with that freaking Alex M.--another one I can't stand. Lastly, I realize that there MUST be some difference in culture when it comes to the prom. All the girls wore sundresses and were like doing their own hair and whatnot, with the exception of Casey! Wow, girlfriend came in with the long dress with the super cutouts on the side! Wow! Oh, and last but not least I do NOT like Cedrick and how WACK of him was it that he was at the same salon getting his hair done as Alex M. for prom! Ugh!!!!!

Now, as for this week's episode! It was basically a snoozer but um LC and Jason, oh my bad Jaywall! Um, when did he get that nickname? And secondly, Yuck! I don't think that ANYONE should be with Jason and I'm not the biggest Lauren fan, so them together, sheesh! I think that's it for this week! Oh, except for the fact that Stephen did what MOST guys do, realize how DUMB he was AFTER LC was already like "um, no thanks!" Guys, PLEASE, let's get it together! Thank you!


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