My three daughters!

First and foremost, I MUST commend all mothers! (and fathers! People who actually PARENT are IT!) Whoo! Forget Mother's Day, there needs to be Mother's MONTH! (Same for Father's day!) Having children is no joke! I already know that, but whenever I decide to play "mommy for a minute" I'm reminded of that! My goodness! Between last night & earlier today, I had three little ladies with me. Last night (Friday) I had a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old! My sister came over and kept our company and we had a ball, but MY GOODNESS! After picking them up, we got dinner (Taco Bell) and then ice cream (Baskin Robbins. One of them had never been to Baskin Robbins. OK, WHAT?! I HAD to correct that!) We came to my house and ate. My sister joined us and then we had a coloring party! (Tiff and I felt "some kind of way" to be in the house coloring on a Friday night at 22- and 26-years-old.) After that, I had some things to do (dance ministry-related) so the other three had a talent show, that is, after the girls ATTACKED Tiff with tickles! Whoo! The girls didn't go to sleep until like 1am. I went to sleep before them, I assume. I was like, "forget this! Goodnight!" LOL! Then, this morning, after breakfast, showers & extra ironing (I'm used to ironing for one), I took one to tutoring and then I picked up a third little lady, a 3-year-old! So, on top of an active 6-year-old and an active 8-year-old, I added a 3-year-old, complete with car seat that had like 20 seat belts and buckles and hooked up to my car in all these different ways! (I know they are safer but WOW!) So, then I went back to get the one from tutoring and to McDonald's we went...oh, but wait, one of them wanted Burger King. So after I go to the Burger King, I arrive at McDonald's. I, then, got a call on my cell phone and this is where it starts getting GOOD! I'm trying to balance getting three girls out of a car who are excited to be at a McDonald's with a "Play Place" (including releasing the 3-year-old from her car seat with the 39 or so belts and buckles), making them put their coats (and 1 hat) back on! (because "it's hot!"), getting the Burger King bag and soda into my bag so that I'm not too OBVIOUSLY taking BK into Mickey D's, grabbing my purse, making sure they don't touch anything ("leave that DVD thing alone!") and trying to be on the phone! (and the lady was TALKING it UP! Even after I said to her, I have 3 girls with me. We just got to McDonald's) Whoo! So we finally made it into the McDonald's. They play (the 3-year-old only for, like, 2 minutes because she decided that she didn't want to play on those "things") and then eat. and then play more! Wow! Then, I did the drop offs! but MY GOODNESS! I was like, "wow is THIS what it's like to be a parent??! "Man oh man! But...having said all that, it was tons of fun! I will say that it's wonderful though that tonight I'll be falling asleep whenever I want, without having to worry about who's still woke, if she is thirsty and whether or not she's warm enough! Thank God for children! I LOVE them, but it was great to give them BACK to their moms (and dad) today.


tearsforwater said…
Whew! I feel your pain. I thank the Lord every day that I don't have any children. And we really did feel some kinda way having a coloring party on a friday night. Soon we won't have to do that Praise the Lord!
PhillyPhile said…
Wow. Seems like you had your hands full. I agree with you. Every time I take both of my nephews (which isn’t much because I can’t handle the both of them alone), I feel overstretched, over worked, and overwhelmed. However (and this is strictly from my non-parental opinion) parents get used to it. It becomes a gradual change, not some ole’ bam you have three kids each with their own personalities, desire, and attitudes that you have to adjust to.

The most recent time I had my nephews, I planned this whole day, which was thrown off because I didn’t include prep time. If I am already dressed, it takes me all of 30 seconds tops to get in my car and get on the road. If it is the winter with hats; scarves; boots; gloves; car seats with 50 belts, straps, and whistles; and a three year old who waits until he is in the car seat to tell you he has to peeeeeeee, getting in the car can be a 30 min adventure in itself. I remember feeling like I was so tired from just getting them in the car that I no longer had the energy to take them out. However, my sister does it with such ease, as if she were born for this. I think she is so good because of the practice.

Not to take anything away from the moms and dads out there, but I think they are good because they do it everyday.

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