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Repeat Performance

Ok, so I was reading one of the entertainment blogs that I read daily and one of the young ladies was commenting on Jennifer Freeman. In case you are like WHO, she's the cute young lady from My Wife and Kids and You Got Served. The blogger was basically joking Jennifer for wearing the same belt and shoes to three different events this month! I was like, so WHAT'S the problem? Because she's a celebrity, she's supposed to buy, or be given, accessories to wear once and then be tossed into the closet? Just because she's being photographed and in the public eye does that mean she can't have a "shoe of the month" and a "belt of the season"? I mean, I know that when I get something I this purse I got for Christmas...I'll "wear it out" until I get tired of it! I mean, literally SINCE Christmas day...except for like 5 or 6 days...I've been carrying that same purse. It's gold and big and has various zippers and rhines…

Sex change!

It's official...I'm turning into *LOUD GASP* a girl! LOL! Of course I am anatomically a this shouldn't be headline news or anything!
But yeah, it seems that I'm getting softer and softer and *DEEP BREATH* I wore a dress to church! Now, why is this a big deal...because I honestly don't know when the last time I wore a dress was. Wait, maybe I do; maybe it was last summer! And people, I wore a SUNDRESS with a shrug over it, but a SUNDRESS and heels! Sure, I've worn skirts to church aplenty but it's not often than one can say, "Tonyette looked so pretty in her dress today!" when leaving STCF!!
And today I wore a skirt to work! *Oh my! Ooh!* I rarely do that because I just don't really see the point! I wore all kinds of jewelry and whatnot and look pretty cute!
And I've just been emotional and softy and "feely" and whatnot...and it's NOT been bothering me. Yep, I'm just as shocked as you!

Heaven! (and Harmoni!)

I just finished eating a scoop of Baskin Robbins' Chocolate Almond ice cream that I bought at lunchtime and stored in the freezer here at work...ok, so it was RIGHT after doing my afternoon walk! But I felt like it was my reward for really pushing myself with the walking today! The ice cream was so good...and I'm sitting here listening to iTunes! Life is so good!!!! God just provides us with the smallest joys and they mean so much!!

Oooh and I saw my cutie baby cousin Harmoni, and my aunt Net (her grandmother/my mother's sister) today in the mall! What a fantastic unexpected surprise! Harmoni, who has been 1-- for about 1 week--had her hair in some cute little braids with beads on the ends with her little bracelets, name (I think) earrings and necklace on, riding in a stroller that looked like a little car was so utterly cute!! She was just slobbering--I assume she's teething still--all over me and my keys, but she's so cute that I let her! And my aunt just looked c…