Oprah's on!

So, I am home while Oprah is on! Why is it that whenever I watch Oprah I'm either CRYING or I HATE the people in the audience (who get all the good stuff)? I don't see Oprah that often because of the hours that I work, but it's like does she have any "regular" topics. I'm either sad or JEALOUS after seeing her show. Um, ok and Tyson (Beckford the model) was on here, among other guests. He was in a near-fatal accident recently and was just talking about that. He was all crying and everything. I'd just like to say that he is still pretty fine! It's about to go off. It's about 4:50p! Oh, and no, don't be impressed. I DIDN'T get to work early enough to be home to see it. I decided to take half a "ME!" day! I claim I'm going to do dishes and wash clothes, but really I've been sitting in front of the computer and near the TV for the last hour! Sheesh! And I have a hair appointment at 6! Whoo hoo! (I'd been wearing my FABULOUS wig for the last 5 or so days! If you haven't seen it, please DO believe that it IS fabulous and I am OFFICIALLY the hotness when I wear it! It's a shortcut hairstyle and it fits my face very well! But when it gets to the point that I can "feel" it on my head, I know I've worn it too many days in a row!) So, I probably WON'T do dishes before I go to the hair dresser! And I need to eat. Oh well...there goes that ("that" being the dishes). Maybe they'll be done by the end of the weekend!


Toya said…
It is quite fabulous and you *are* the hotness in it!
Phillyphile said…
I am just going to have to believe Toya that the wig is fab however I know you are the hotness. I've expirenced first hand. Fiya!!!
Anyway I am glad that you didn't do dishes on your me time. Me time should be just that, nothing but me. No chores, no work, no worrying, just do you.
Phillyphile said…
Oh by the way I love Oprah
Tonyette said…
Thank you!! I take that as a HIGH compliment because you are A DIVA! Always KNOW that!
What an ego booster you are! And yes, my ME time was just that, time I spent CHILLING!

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