Don't hate the game! (again)

OK, so I was actually up early this morning and I was watching Bishop T.D. Jakes on TBN (they're doing their Praise-A-thon) and he was speaking and in his sermon, he said "Don't hate the game, hate the player!" I was like "here we go AGAIN!" And as I screamed ARE YOU SERIOUS, I said "ok, maybe it really IS me! and maybe the saying really IS "don't have the game, hate the player!" Or--since I wasn't paying too much attention for a second because I was ironing or something--he changed it around purposely! Please, Lawd, let that be it! Otherwise, I'm just all confused by this. Now I realize that once again the speaker of this particular phrase wasn't someone who was considered to be "hip" or ya know, like "down" or whatever, but still, if you are going to USE a slang phrase, shouldn't it be used properly?
or, is it REALLY me? Have I really been thinking, incorrectly, that the phrase was the other way around this whole time? Please someone let me know!!!


tearsforwater said…
Ton, no boo I think that people have just been misquoting the phrase. Sorry to hear that. Don't question yourself you got it right.
Toya said…
Don't be upset. It really is "Don't hate the player - hate the game." Everybody else is just wrong.
PhilliPhile said…
Yes it is "Don’t hate the playa, hate the game. Not only did the reverend misquote, ironically, he also changed the meaning that would be hypocritical to Christian teaching. Forget about the fact that Christianity is about love and Mr. Jakes was encouraging his congregation to “hate.” Because I am taking the quote out of context, I will leave that alone.

He still did say hate the player, which even if by hate he meant be upset by, I don’t think we as Christians should hate a person. You know “Love the sin. Hate the sinner.”

Tonyette said…
Thanks, all!! I was REALLY starting to believe that it was me!
Ms_Kenesha said…
It's not just you, everyone is getting it twisted.

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