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I am not my hair!

So...I finally did it! I've been thinking about cutting my hair and "going natural"--removing all the chemicals from my hair--for years! I said I'd do it at 30! Well, at half past 31, I finally did it! And you know what I've discovered?! It wasn't that deep! I mean, yes, I do have to figure out exactly what products work best for my hair texture and the look(s) I'll want to achieve--sidenote, EVERYONE has a suggestion! Wow! I didn't realize I'd get so many unsolicited comments about hair products! Whoo! I do need to figure out how much into the natural, um, "movement" for lack of a better term, I'm willing to go--I'm not getting locks! I do need to figure out how to maintain my hair--it's SO much drier than I ever realized. BUT it's not a spiritual journey. My life is a spiritual journey! I'm ever on a quest to be closer to God and to be just like Jesus. My haircut is not a reflection thereof! I promise! I do admit to…