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My good weekend

I meant to post this yesterday...but hey, I forgot!! I had a wonderful weekend!! It was pretty incredible...even if it did go too fast and made me more tired than I've been in a LONG time!! Here's a (hopefully) short synopsis!
Friday, I went to see my favorite group of all time!!! Boyz II Men!!! Yes, there were only three of them and yes, they sang to CDs and yes, because it was at Ram's Head they only performed for about an hour. But it was the most wonderful hour or so ever!! Wanya was, is now, and forever shall be, my total and complete BOYFRIEND...oh, I love him so much--in a "grown woman with a huge crush on a celebrity" kind of way only, of course! Poor Nathan was sick but still managed to sing about 98% of the songs! It was awesome and I'm SO happy that my friend Crystal told me about it so I could go!! Then, Saturday, I got up and went to dance rehearsal!! After that, I got something to eat for me, my mom and aunt. Then I went home...and NOTHING!! Wow,…

I'm a chicken!!

So, I was on the elevator at work and I saw the guy that looks like he's Mr. Evans' brother and it creeped me out!! Some people were "horseplaying" on there and he made a face...I PROMISE he's Mr. Evans' brother! (Mr. Evans, in case you don't feel like searching through the archives to figure out who that is, was my 11th grade math teacher at Western...I wasn't afraid of him, exactly...but he was just very, unique and it was weird to discover that his brother--still too 'fraid to ask--works here!)

I'm a chicken...and I'm ok with that!!