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Something new...

So, yeah, I'm at the point, AGAIN, where I'm ready for something new!! I have started to move my feet on a few things, though, thank I'm not just idly watching life go by (as much) anymore!! I have started the Bible study for teen girls and young women that I've been talking about for years now! I've got a website and business cards dedicated to my baking business! I'm starting to travel more again! So...things are slowly but surely getting there!! Ooh, my living room furniture will be in tomorrow! That's BIG NEWS! Once I get that all settled, it'll be time to start looking for some DIY projects! Oh and it's fall now, too, so that means deciding on my wardrobe focuses for the next few months! So...there are some new things coming! I'm looking forward to any bit of newness I can grab onto!

What are you looking forward to?!

Viva Las Vegas...again

I just got back from Las Vegas, NV and I must say...this was probably my very best vacation ever! I honestly cried when it was time to leave--although I'm sure a few "life ain't been no crystal stair" tears managed to slip in there! We are already throwing around dates for the next trip!! I'm seriously gonna think long and hard about moving there (again!) Did you know that there's no state tax in Nevada?!