Friday, January 19, 2007

5 Things You Don't Know About Me!

I have been tagged by my friend Toya (visit her at to do this!! Here we go (I went back and changed this a little bit before I posted it! I think the whole point is to dig a little deeper than normal!)

  1. When I was a child, I was incredibly sensitive!! I was the most crying-est, "you hurt my feelings"-est girl in all of Baltimore City! It was so bad, that one time, I asked my aunt if I could help decorate for my cousin's party and when she told me that I couldn't, I cried! The ironic thing is that now I'm accused of sometimes being too insensitive and cold! Wow, perhaps I need to find a balance!

  2. I worry about whether or not people think I'm "cool" and I used to worry about making friends! I used to worry about it at school, I worried about it when I first starting working at my job and I even thought about it at church! I always felt nerdy or geeky in school so when I got to college, I desperately wanted to shake that image. I don't know how well it worked, but I did try! Only in the last few years have I come to the conclusion that : a) what people think doesn't matter and b) I'm COOL anyway!

  3. I used to want to get sick so I could get attention!! It sounds weird and horrible, but it's true! The last time I was in the hospital--I'm told. I was too young to remember--I was about 2 or 3 months old having surgery for a hernia. I have never had any broken bones, sprains or fractures, not one stitch, no ER visits or even outpatient surgery. I don't have any allergies that are strong enough to demand that I take anything more than the standard OTC stuff. My brother has had stitches, a sprained this, a fractured that and between the two of us, he even got chicken pox the worst. I used to want something to happen to me so that I could have people say, "ooh, poor Tonyette, she broke her _____" because no one ever did, ever does. But I realized, I don't need attention that bad! So, now I thank God that none of that has happened to me!

  4. I love to travel and have in-depth plans to see the world! One day, I'd like to be able to say that I have seen all 50 states in the United States, all 3 countries in North America, and have spent at least 15 minutes (even if it means I was just in an airport somewhere) on every continent, well maybe NOT Antarctica, but every other!

  5. I love my tattoo!! Ok, let's start with this, I HAVE a tattoo! It's a beautiful butterfly (colored in with pretty orange and red and green) with little stars around it, outlined in purple, and underneath it, on a ribbon, is my name. I have had it for 7 years I still love it as much as the first day I got it!!

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Heaven only knows

I have decided that I like John Legend! I'll say it like my mom would say it, John Legend could be my boyfriend! My mom is hilarious!! She says that phrase about various famous people as if the guy was only waiting for her PERMISSION to become her beau! LOL!! But yes, as I listen to Once Again, I have decided to permit him to be my boyfriend!! Heaven Only Knows, whoo!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

brain diarrhea

(Just felt like posting and didn't have a specific topic so let's just see where this post goes!)
Happy New Year Everyone!!
Welcome to 2007!! I'm so excited about this year and all that it will bring!! What will it bring, I don't know--a date would be nice, though--but I'm looking forward to whatever it is!! I've already been to a wedding this year...and I have four more to go, thus far. I'm participating in three and attending a fourth. I told one of the soon-to-be brides that I'm going to have to start a "bridesmaid account"--to be set up like those holiday accounts--if things keep going the way they have been! I'm very happy for all my family and friends who are getting married but WOW, it can get costly for someone like me!! Wow!! What with dress, shoes, hair, jewelry, makeup, mani- and pedicure and TIME, it's a lot of money involved! Whoo! But it's all good; I do it because I love them! I also have a few friends who are expecting babies this future godson is due in the next couple of weeks! (My best friend is having a baby boy and is due on January 24th, I think!) YAY!! One of my FAVE co-workers is expecting a baby in March; another friend is having a baby and she is due June 2. So lots of weddings and babies in my future--none of them mine, which is more than OK with me! Earlier, I was having a discussion with some co-workers and I realized that I'm a little worried about when I become a wife and mother. I was watching President Gerald Ford's funeral on TV--I was home because I'm an employee of the federal gov't and we got off for a national day of mourning--and I saw his widow being escorted in by Pres. Bush. I was thinking, "Wow, what will she do now?" They had been MARRIED longer than my mother has been BORN! I was wondering if her whole life had been dedicated to being "Mrs Gerald Ford" and "mother of Sarah, etc". I mean, we all know she had the clinic and all but like, when you've been with a person for more of your life than you haven't been with them, do you become identifiable as a part of them? I am a little afraid to lose myself as I become someone's wife and mother. I was assured though, that it doesn't have to be that way!! I guess not!! Oh day, we'll see!

On a completely different note--I think Chris Brown is a lil cute now...Not as in a "young boyfriends list" cute, but more like if my younger cousin was interested in him, I'd be like "aww, yeah, he's cute!" And my current favorite song is "Poppin" by him right now!! YES! That is all!