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5 Things You Don't Know About Me!

I have been tagged by my friend Toya (visit her at to do this!! Here we go (I went back and changed this a little bit before I posted it! I think the whole point is to dig a little deeper than normal!)

When I was a child, I was incredibly sensitive!! I was the most crying-est, "you hurt my feelings"-est girl in all of Baltimore City! It was so bad, that one time, I asked my aunt if I could help decorate for my cousin's party and when she told me that I couldn't, I cried! The ironic thing is that now I'm accused of sometimes being too insensitive and cold! Wow, perhaps I need to find a balance!
I worry about whether or not people think I'm "cool" and I used to worry about making friends! I used to worry about it at school, I worried about it when I first starting working at my job and I even thought about it at church! I always felt nerdy or geeky in school so when I got to college, I desperately wanted to shake that …

Heaven only knows

I have decided that I like John Legend! I'll say it like my mom would say it, John Legend could be my boyfriend! My mom is hilarious!! She says that phrase about various famous people as if the guy was only waiting for her PERMISSION to become her beau! LOL!! But yes, as I listen to Once Again, I have decided to permit him to be my boyfriend!! Heaven Only Knows, whoo!

brain diarrhea

(Just felt like posting and didn't have a specific topic so let's just see where this post goes!)
Happy New Year Everyone!!
Welcome to 2007!! I'm so excited about this year and all that it will bring!! What will it bring, I don't know--a date would be nice, though--but I'm looking forward to whatever it is!! I've already been to a wedding this year...and I have four more to go, thus far. I'm participating in three and attending a fourth. I told one of the soon-to-be brides that I'm going to have to start a "bridesmaid account"--to be set up like those holiday accounts--if things keep going the way they have been! I'm very happy for all my family and friends who are getting married but WOW, it can get costly for someone like me!! Wow!! What with dress, shoes, hair, jewelry, makeup, mani- and pedicure and TIME, it's a lot of money involved! Whoo! But it's all good; I do it because I love them! I also have a few friends who are expect…