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I wanna be like Oprah...

Dear Lord,
When I "grow up" I wanna be like Oprah! I want people to hear "Tonyette" and a certain sound, or see me give a certain look or just see me coming and be so excited that they can't stand themselves because they know I'm gonna be giving "big". That's my prayer for today!

In Jesus' mighty name,

(See...I just saw the introduction to the final "Oprah's Favorite Things" episode. People in the audience saw her red dress and heard those bells and knew what it meant. There was hugging, crying, clapping, "shouting" and all kinds of things! It must be nice to be able to give that "big"!)

Something new...

So, yeah, I'm at the point, AGAIN, where I'm ready for something new!! I have started to move my feet on a few things, though, thank I'm not just idly watching life go by (as much) anymore!! I have started the Bible study for teen girls and young women that I've been talking about for years now! I've got a website and business cards dedicated to my baking business! I'm starting to travel more again! So...things are slowly but surely getting there!! Ooh, my living room furniture will be in tomorrow! That's BIG NEWS! Once I get that all settled, it'll be time to start looking for some DIY projects! Oh and it's fall now, too, so that means deciding on my wardrobe focuses for the next few months! So...there are some new things coming! I'm looking forward to any bit of newness I can grab onto!

What are you looking forward to?!

Viva Las Vegas...again

I just got back from Las Vegas, NV and I must say...this was probably my very best vacation ever! I honestly cried when it was time to leave--although I'm sure a few "life ain't been no crystal stair" tears managed to slip in there! We are already throwing around dates for the next trip!! I'm seriously gonna think long and hard about moving there (again!) Did you know that there's no state tax in Nevada?!

DIY? !

I've decided that I am going to start some D.I.Y. projects. I think my recent move has sparked this interest. I'm very excited!! I'd like to either paint or stain a little table for my bedroom. I'd also like to see if I can make some pillows for both my bed and my (currently NOT purchased) love seat. I want to see if I can decorate my house myself. I think I can; I think I can!

I'm excited! I'll try to post progress! Whoo hoo!

Dancing and/as ministry

This particular post was inspired by my awesome, inspiring, beautiful friend Toya! She has a posting on her blog and I wanted to write, like, a 500-word essay but that's her blog, not I had to try to keep my comments "short"! Her post got me thinking about being a liturgical dancer, what "ministry" really means and my place in the world! This post may just be a "brain dump" so please follow along as best you can! :-)

Well, I should probably start with this: I have been a liturgical dancer for, I think, 8 years now. It all started at my former church when the director of the dance ministry asked if I wanted to join the group! At the time, it was comprised of three formally trained dancers who were svelte and, well, seemed like "dancers". I was, at the time, 250 pounds and, at 22, hadn't danced with any kind of group or "formally" since about 3rd grade. The funny thing, I'd wanted to join them for a few months by th…


Life changes...a lot, sometimes rapidly! It sucks so bad sometimes! God is good and I'm strong, but still, man... I feel like Monica sings, "whatever don't kill you makes you stronger, well I must be the world's strongest woman"!! Monica, girl, I hear that!! The first time I heard that song, I said "I KNOW that's right!" The word says (1 Cor. 10:13) that God will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able...and I feel like "God must trust me tons and tons!" But again, He's good and I'm strong! So there's that!
So...we'll see what prayer, faith and time will bring me as I continue to wait on God and His promises! I have no choice but to wait anyway, right?

Singing/Even Me

I haven't written in a few months so I think today I'll post a few things!
First of all, I realized that I really like to sing! Certain songs just make me wanna belt out the lyrics at the top of my lungs! Right now, I have "Even Me" by Crystal Aiken on repeat. I want to get up and sing as loud as I possibly can and probably cry and scream afterward! But, because of where I am, it's not feasible! :-(
Oh well! I'll lip-sync extra hard, then!

Missed Connections...

You KNOW you are bored as ALL HECK when you start reading the "Missed Connections" posted on Craigslist for fun! Sheesh, Tonyette...get a life! (There's nothing wedding-related to do/think about right now and I'm trying to avoid work at all costs! None of my friends seem to be in an emailing mood and the Boo hasn't responded to my most recent text, so he must be napping!)

The OFFICIAL countdown begins today! I have 100 days left before I get married! I'm PRETTY PUMPED about that!! Whoo hoo! One of my co-workers suggested that I blog about life after getting married. I think I may do that! Thanks for the idea, Mikey! ;-)

Whoo hoo! Let the countdown BEGIN!!


It's official, I AM ENGAGED!!! Whoo hoo hoo!! As of February 8, 2010, I am an engaged woman! The Boo proposed--amidst all the snow!! It was romantic and perfectly us!! So...I'll forever have dates for my birthday and folks can already guess who my +1 is--unless it's a ladies night out or something! I'm so excited!! I had to share!!

Groundhog's Day is Groundhog's day! Two questions: 1) how do we KNOW if the groundhog saw his shadow? I it actually that some PERSON sees the groundhog's shadow? 2) Whether or not Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, isn't spring 6 weeks away from February 2 ANYWAY?

Just wondering!

Happy New Year!!

So, it's been a few months since I last posted! That was "way" back in 2009!! Happy New Year to everyone! I'm expecting BIG things this year! I'm doing my part to make it a MUCH BETTER year than the last few (most notably, 2009!). I see people changing all around me, for the better, and it's very exciting! I'm going to (once again) try to post more in this year! I'm also going to try to NOT be a pack rat! I've noticed that, although I'm not quite at "hoarder" status, I keep a LOT of useless \stuff! What is UP wit that? Even email! I need to do better!

Here's to 2010!!