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Back to work!!

Today is the first day that I've been at work since Tuesday morning!! Tuesday afternoon, our building--and the federal government, in general--closed at 2pm. (I live in Baltimore and in this area, there have been periods of snow and freezing rain off and on for a few days! Pretty dangerous driving conditions!) Yesterday was a 4 hour delay for my agency, which translates to working 12:30 to 5 and I kindly declined!! So, yesterday, I washed dishes, did the rest of my laundry, a wonderful breakfast (chocolate chip muffin and milk! Yum!) and THEN a wonderful brunch--which was really just breakfast part 2 (yummy times 2), got on the computer for a few hours and then went to visit my friend Kia...who is a schoolteacher in Baltimore City and was experiencing some serious cabin fever!! Ooh, and my mom gave me a beautiful card and very pretty candleholder for a Valentine's day gift--after my brother KINDLY reminded her that she hadn't given us gifts since we were adults!! She bough…

rat cakes...and other mess-ups

So...I'm woke at 2am--which is a PROBLEM considering I should be at work in NO LATER THAN 7.5 hours and I've not even gone to bed yet!! I'm tired and yet I just KEEP on finding things to do on the Internet! And, of course, the TV is still on! I've just finished watching "Ace of Cakes"--which, if you don't watch, combines two of my favorite things BAKING and BALTIMORE!! One of the reasons that I like watching the show is because it makes me feel good as a beginner cake decorator to know that even the PROS have BIG-TIME mess ups!! Sometimes they'll top a cake 3 times...or they'll be stumped when trying to figure out how best to present it (paint the flowers on, or create them from gumpaste, that kind of thing)'s just great to know that I'm not alone! And it's VERY cool to see all the stuff that can be done with edible ingredients!! I can't WAIT to open my bakery!! Whoo hoo!!

Ok...think I'll head to bed now!!

Who am I?

So...I have decided that 2007 will be the year that I'm going to start on the journey towards "who God says Tonyette should be!" (as opposed to what family, society and those generally just NOT "in the know") The thought of that is daunting and scary and exciting all at the same time, but I'm determined to do just that...and though I'm sure of what some of that means...other parts of it are unclear! No matter what, I'll be SURE to share all the details through blog posts! I'm thinking a career change, a relationship change--in that I might actually START a new one--and a location change are all in my immediate future!
Prayers, well wishes and just plain ole good vibrations will be solicited and are appreciated in advance!!


OK, so I don't ACTUALLY have frost bite, but it's literally GOT to be below freezing outside!! Or CLOSE!! I mean, WOW!!!!!!!!! At least it seems that way here in Baltimore!! I mean, it's one of those "if I didn't HAVE to leave the house, I wouldn't" days!! It makes me want to go home, have chili with cornbread or biscuits and hot chocolate! (Last night had beef stew with bread from Panera with homemade chocolate chip cookies! YUM!!) Now, I just wish it would snow enough that I could get like a day or two off!! Isn't that terrible...especially considering I was off work for 2.5 days (was out sick)at the end of last week!! Oh well, at least I'm honest!

In other Wednesday is Valentine's day and I'm pretty means that I get to have all the chocolate I want and no one will say anything!! And it means that next Thursday Godiva will have a sale!! I can't wait!!! Any special Feb 14 plans, anyone??