I feel convicted...

OK, this post is a shout-out to my friend Toya. She has a post on her blog talking about how we shouldn't use the word "ghetto" when we really mean other words. I was re-reading my previous posts and I felt TOTALLY convicted! (such a CHURCH girl phrase!) I should have said that the young lady who was allowing her friend to "attend" the Hip Hop Honors via cellular phone was using actions that were completely inappropriate for that particular setting, being that she was on national television. I should have said that she, Miss "you don't have a ticket, hey I got a cell phone so you can still 'come'" was using bad cell phone etiquette. I should have said that I find it quite RUDE that she was just holding her cell phone in the air! I should have any of this, rather than to just call her "ghetto"! Thanks for checkin' me, Toya! And yes, as a person who is (proud to be) from the ghetto, I should DEFINITELY know better! I mean, I wouldn't want my name to become synonymous with lateness (although, let's be frank, it kind of could be! BUT I'm working on it!) and then to therefore be used whenever people mean that something is done not in the timeframe that it should have been! Examples, "Girl, my friend is so TONYETTE, she got here at 4:45, knowing the show started at 3:30" or "sheesh, how TONYETTE were they to have delivered that software on the 16th instead of the 1st like they promised?" YIKES!! I cringe at the thought, so again, Toya, thank you!!!


Toya said…
I'm glad that my post got you thinking. I think we all should feel convicted. I know I've used "ghetto" myself. But I think differently now and I just don't think it's okay. The Word says, "The power of life and death are in the tongue". People should really think before they speak.

Love ya, hon!
Tonyette said…
Love ya back! What are friends for if not to encourage one another and help them to change! I'm trying to be more and more proactive with my life and that includes watching what I say! Again, thanks!!

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