Monday, October 31, 2005

Don't hate the game! (again)

OK, so I was actually up early this morning and I was watching Bishop T.D. Jakes on TBN (they're doing their Praise-A-thon) and he was speaking and in his sermon, he said "Don't hate the game, hate the player!" I was like "here we go AGAIN!" And as I screamed ARE YOU SERIOUS, I said "ok, maybe it really IS me! and maybe the saying really IS "don't have the game, hate the player!" Or--since I wasn't paying too much attention for a second because I was ironing or something--he changed it around purposely! Please, Lawd, let that be it! Otherwise, I'm just all confused by this. Now I realize that once again the speaker of this particular phrase wasn't someone who was considered to be "hip" or ya know, like "down" or whatever, but still, if you are going to USE a slang phrase, shouldn't it be used properly?
or, is it REALLY me? Have I really been thinking, incorrectly, that the phrase was the other way around this whole time? Please someone let me know!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

My three daughters!

First and foremost, I MUST commend all mothers! (and fathers! People who actually PARENT are IT!) Whoo! Forget Mother's Day, there needs to be Mother's MONTH! (Same for Father's day!) Having children is no joke! I already know that, but whenever I decide to play "mommy for a minute" I'm reminded of that! My goodness! Between last night & earlier today, I had three little ladies with me. Last night (Friday) I had a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old! My sister came over and kept our company and we had a ball, but MY GOODNESS! After picking them up, we got dinner (Taco Bell) and then ice cream (Baskin Robbins. One of them had never been to Baskin Robbins. OK, WHAT?! I HAD to correct that!) We came to my house and ate. My sister joined us and then we had a coloring party! (Tiff and I felt "some kind of way" to be in the house coloring on a Friday night at 22- and 26-years-old.) After that, I had some things to do (dance ministry-related) so the other three had a talent show, that is, after the girls ATTACKED Tiff with tickles! Whoo! The girls didn't go to sleep until like 1am. I went to sleep before them, I assume. I was like, "forget this! Goodnight!" LOL! Then, this morning, after breakfast, showers & extra ironing (I'm used to ironing for one), I took one to tutoring and then I picked up a third little lady, a 3-year-old! So, on top of an active 6-year-old and an active 8-year-old, I added a 3-year-old, complete with car seat that had like 20 seat belts and buckles and hooked up to my car in all these different ways! (I know they are safer but WOW!) So, then I went back to get the one from tutoring and to McDonald's we went...oh, but wait, one of them wanted Burger King. So after I go to the Burger King, I arrive at McDonald's. I, then, got a call on my cell phone and this is where it starts getting GOOD! I'm trying to balance getting three girls out of a car who are excited to be at a McDonald's with a "Play Place" (including releasing the 3-year-old from her car seat with the 39 or so belts and buckles), making them put their coats (and 1 hat) back on! (because "it's hot!"), getting the Burger King bag and soda into my bag so that I'm not too OBVIOUSLY taking BK into Mickey D's, grabbing my purse, making sure they don't touch anything ("leave that DVD thing alone!") and trying to be on the phone! (and the lady was TALKING it UP! Even after I said to her, I have 3 girls with me. We just got to McDonald's) Whoo! So we finally made it into the McDonald's. They play (the 3-year-old only for, like, 2 minutes because she decided that she didn't want to play on those "things") and then eat. and then play more! Wow! Then, I did the drop offs! but MY GOODNESS! I was like, "wow is THIS what it's like to be a parent??! "Man oh man! But...having said all that, it was tons of fun! I will say that it's wonderful though that tonight I'll be falling asleep whenever I want, without having to worry about who's still woke, if she is thirsty and whether or not she's warm enough! Thank God for children! I LOVE them, but it was great to give them BACK to their moms (and dad) today.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


This is another one of those "several blog entries rolled into one" entries!

Laguna Beach last night
Of course, as it is Tuesday, I watched Laguna Beach last night! It was graduation day in Laguna on last night's episode. First question: what time do they have graduation? They were just CHILLING, getting ready. Then, by the time they actually left graduation, it was dark outside. That seems odd to me, considering I had to be at Western at the cracking of dawn, or at least it felt that way at the time! Secondly, they were wearing WHATEVER under their gowns! Now I realize that again I went to Western and we have our own special dress code for graduating (a fact I'm QUITE proud of) but even at UMES, they were like, "look THIS LIST is what you can AND CANNOT wear under your gown!" And how about one mom's advice to her daughter--who was a 2005 graduate of Laguna Beach High (or whatever the name is) and was upset (because her gown was so big)--was "well then, you have to dress ultra-sexy underneath to compensate for the bigness!" Yes, ladies and gents, this was one of my FAMOUS AYS moments! Because what kind of advice is that to give your 17- or 18-year-old daughter! Let's see, what else? I STILL don't like Kristin but that's nothing new and she didn't do anything special yesterday. Just wanted to say it again! Um, also Casey and Alex M. "made up" but it was the saddest thing because Casey really just wants friends and Alex is just a wench with a bad weave. Ok so Casey has the worst weave EVER but at least she TRIES to be sweet. (even if I'm not too fond of her because she seems like one of the PLASTICS!) And how about that butthole Jason, now suddenly--since hooking up with the "older woman" LC--he's supposedly moving to L.A. Uh, get out of here! (sidebar: I just went to Yahoo! maps to see how far away from LB Los Angeles was. it's like an hour north! Sheesh, I thought it was like FAR! Wow!) I think that's about it. Oh, lastly, I was sad because Talan wasn't in ONE scene!

On Saturday I treated myself to some Godiva! YES!!! Whoo! I LOVE chocolate--and PLEASE, no jokes from those of you who MIGHT joke me! They were giving out samples of their pumpkin cheesecake dessert chocolat: scrumptious! I didn't buy any of those but I did buy a strawberry cheesecake dessert chocolat! Also delish! and five other pieces! In the Godiva boutique, I realized how one (by "one" I mean "man who SHOULD be in pursuit of me") MIGHT think that I'm the slightest bit expensive. I spent almost $15 and for that I got 6 pieces of candy and a drink.

I have so many coming up! I am QUITE excited!! I think I have at least one scheduled every month from November through March. Then another in June. Then...well, that's all I know for now, but that's enough! Oh, and I might actually go to my timeshare next year (in Orlando). We'll see!

That's about it for me! But that's probably enough, huh?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Oprah's on!

So, I am home while Oprah is on! Why is it that whenever I watch Oprah I'm either CRYING or I HATE the people in the audience (who get all the good stuff)? I don't see Oprah that often because of the hours that I work, but it's like does she have any "regular" topics. I'm either sad or JEALOUS after seeing her show. Um, ok and Tyson (Beckford the model) was on here, among other guests. He was in a near-fatal accident recently and was just talking about that. He was all crying and everything. I'd just like to say that he is still pretty fine! It's about to go off. It's about 4:50p! Oh, and no, don't be impressed. I DIDN'T get to work early enough to be home to see it. I decided to take half a "ME!" day! I claim I'm going to do dishes and wash clothes, but really I've been sitting in front of the computer and near the TV for the last hour! Sheesh! And I have a hair appointment at 6! Whoo hoo! (I'd been wearing my FABULOUS wig for the last 5 or so days! If you haven't seen it, please DO believe that it IS fabulous and I am OFFICIALLY the hotness when I wear it! It's a shortcut hairstyle and it fits my face very well! But when it gets to the point that I can "feel" it on my head, I know I've worn it too many days in a row!) So, I probably WON'T do dishes before I go to the hair dresser! And I need to eat. Oh well...there goes that ("that" being the dishes). Maybe they'll be done by the end of the weekend!

Monday, October 17, 2005

LB: last week's and this week's

OK, so I am watching the rerun of last week's Laguna Beach and I have MUCH to say!
First of all, if Talan wasn't already my BOYFRIEND, how he asked Kristin to the prom would have made him! He is the sweetest thing and it's WENCHES like the unworthy one (aka Kristin) who make it hard for the NICE girls! He had roses and candles...ok, what? We ARE talking about PROM right? But the whole "pranks for prom" thing, I am so not with it! I'd be so unamused! Like how Taylor's date had her car almost towed, NOT funny! And um...did Jeff and maybe the other dude's name was Jeff too, anyway did they like air kiss? Um...looks like it and YIKES! And how about Jason who I can't STAND! Why ask someone to the prom JUST to ignore and "hook up" with that freaking Alex M.--another one I can't stand. Lastly, I realize that there MUST be some difference in culture when it comes to the prom. All the girls wore sundresses and were like doing their own hair and whatnot, with the exception of Casey! Wow, girlfriend came in with the long dress with the super cutouts on the side! Wow! Oh, and last but not least I do NOT like Cedrick and how WACK of him was it that he was at the same salon getting his hair done as Alex M. for prom! Ugh!!!!!

Now, as for this week's episode! It was basically a snoozer but um LC and Jason, oh my bad Jaywall! Um, when did he get that nickname? And secondly, Yuck! I don't think that ANYONE should be with Jason and I'm not the biggest Lauren fan, so them together, sheesh! I think that's it for this week! Oh, except for the fact that Stephen did what MOST guys do, realize how DUMB he was AFTER LC was already like "um, no thanks!" Guys, PLEASE, let's get it together! Thank you!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Just felt like it

I haven't posted in a couple of days and just wanted to post, so I'll just ramble on about a few things. I'll try to ramble in an organized way though, so I'll provide subheadings. (This will probably be LONG!)

In Memory of...
Today is October 13, 2005. My maternal grandmother, Naomi Griffin, died 10 years ago on this date. It's funny because I feel completely different now than I thought I'd feel all those years ago. I am absolutely ok. Of course I MISS her very much, but it's not like I "can't go on" or anything like that. My aunts, uncle and mother (from the last time I saw each of them) all seem to be "fine." Of course, that is relative because my family is CRAZY! :--) I used to think that we'd all come undone. That we'd all lose our minds (at least us "older" ones, like the ones who were, at the time, 12 and up.) But we are all ok! Most of us are still pursuing our relationships with the Lord. (my MaMa was our spiritual "enforcer!") None of us have done anything "too" bad since she died. (I mean, teenage pregnancies and arrests aside, that is!) But thinking about this also makes me think about how time flies! I was a junior at Western when I got the call to come to the office with all my things! I was in this WACK health class on the bottom floor not paying much attention! In fact, I didn't even realize it was my name that they announced over the PA because I was talking! Someone else had to get my attention! I remember feeling like I wouldn't know what to do or where to go with my spiritual questions...although there were PLENTY of other places and people to go to, she was my main source of Godly information. And now, here it is 10 years later and I'm still standing. I'm ok! But my MaMa, I still miss her and I'm even taller than her now! (I used to always tease her about how short she was!)
This is a perfect segue into my next topic...

I am OLD!
It's funny, when you are young, you picture your life one way and then as you start to grow up, you adjust your "vision" of the future. And then you get to adulthood and it's almost nothing like you thought! Ok, so I'm NOT old! I'm ONLY 26, but like I tell the older people in my life who say "GIRL, PLEASE, YOU ARE A BABY," I'm older than I've ever been! And it's not all that it's cracked up to be. I mean, when you are like 13, you say "I'm going to go to college and then graduate. I'm going to be married by 21, start having children when I'm 22, and be finished by the time I'm 28. I'm going to have a dog and a BIG house!" Ok, so when I was 13, I didn't think exactly like that, but by the time I was 18, I'm pretty sure that I did. And at 20, I was CONVINCED I'd be married by 22 and that by 26, surely someone would be calling me "Mommy." But then LIFE happened and now here I am: a boomerang kid working a job that I like only every other Friday with great friends but no boyfriend trying to decide "WHAT NEXT?" I don't think that adults properly ready children for the adult world. Like almost everyone said "enjoy being a kid" but hardly anybody said why. No one said "so you have a what! that does NOT mean you'll get the job of your DREAMS." I don't think I heard "well, you'll make good money but you'll HATE waking up in the morning!" (but that's because the people I know HATE their job but DON'T really make good money!) Not once did someone say to me "yes, you'll be CUTE and have a good job, no children, LOVE the Lord, do volunteer work, have your own car, be an independent woman BUT still cook, clean and all that other domestic CRAP (and do it WELL I might add) but you STILL won't be able to PURCHASE a date!" I really don't think that being a child prepared me for being an adult! Anyone else agree?
Man, I am GREAT at segues (whoo hoo to ME!)

So, today is Thursday which automatically starts me to thinking "What am I doing this weekend?" BUT, if I have ONE more weekend that consists entirely of "girls night out" or "ladies pow-wow" or "chillin' with the girls" I WILL scream! As you may have guessed by now, I am not currently involved in a relationship. (this is ANOTHER irony of life. there was a point where I wanted NOTHING more than to be ALONE, basically forever! And now, I think about relationships alot. That's pretty funny!) Even though, I am not involved, at least my sister and one of my best friends are doing pretty OK in that area! (Oh, and another best friend got married earlier this year, so that is definitely a VICTORY for the team!) But back to sis and one of the bff's. They are both in the beginning stages of relationships so YAY, TWO for the TEAM! We (my group of friends) realize that if ANY of our close friends make moves in this area then there IS hope for the rest of us! We aren't all destitute losers who will have to be alone...or worse yet, settle for "Mr. Available and Willing" as opposed to what we really want "Mr. Right for ME!" So, yay team!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Missed it last night

Last night was PROM NIGHT in Laguna Beach and I missed the new episode! I am very upset! But it's ok. Because it comes on MTV I KNOW it'll be on AGAIN and AGAIN before next Monday's new episode!

I also missed the My SS16 with Gerald Levert's daughter but I'm not pressed about that, as much!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Happy Columbus Day

Today is October 10. It's the second Monday in October. You know what that means, Columbus Day! Well, if you've never heard of it, or never kept up with it, DON'T feel bad! I didn't even realize that it was a national holiday until I started working for the federal government 4 years ago. Not only is it a national holiday, but it's a FEDERAL holiday! So that means I get a day off for, in my opinion, nothing! Whoo hoo! But you know what's so ironic, this morning I woke up at about 5:25. (it was mostly because I fell asleep at a friend's by mistake WITH my contacts in. and when I got home, I did go back to sleep!) Now the funny thing is that on a "normal" work morning, IF I wake up before 8am, I feel PROUD! How ridiculous!
Oh well...Columbus Day, one of the perks of having a good gov't job!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The Cow bka Dairy Fresh

I just felt that it was totally time for a FOOD-related post!! I am always saddened by the end of summer b/c it means the close (for the season) of places like Rita's Italian Ice and more importantly Dairy Fresh. I think that Rita's is a wonderful place, but since I have discovered Dairy Fresh, I just don't love Rita's as much! So, tonight will be one of my "final trips"--even though they probably won't close for another month (they stay open longer because they are the GREATEST!) But it just makes me sad to know that soon I won't be able to ride all the way up Reisterstown Road, eventually changing to Main Street (it makes the change in Reisterstown) to get my good ole gelati! Did I mention that I live in (basically) upper Park Heights (in Baltimore city, just in case my blog has gone national or international! Hey, I'm funny! It COULD happen!) and I make the drive to Reisterstown (about 25 or so minutes) whenever the urge hits me to get a gelati (chocolate ice w/vanilla frozen custard, or my NEW thing, chocolate AND peanut butter ice with vanilla custard! Ty, YES!) or a Concrete! (custard mixed with a topping, like nuts or something!) And the sad part is that I have friends who live in that area and sometimes (shh! don't tell them) I will go and get something from Dairy Fresh and NOT stop by to visit with them! Call it greedy if you want. I just say that I'm "very good to myself" as my friend Karyn once said!

PS They recently changed the name of Dairy Fresh to "The Cow" but I completely HATE that name! I just can't bring myself to say "who wants something from the Cow" or when someone asks where I'm going to get a gelati from, I don't see me saying "I'm getting it from the Cow!" What?

I feel convicted...

OK, this post is a shout-out to my friend Toya. She has a post on her blog talking about how we shouldn't use the word "ghetto" when we really mean other words. I was re-reading my previous posts and I felt TOTALLY convicted! (such a CHURCH girl phrase!) I should have said that the young lady who was allowing her friend to "attend" the Hip Hop Honors via cellular phone was using actions that were completely inappropriate for that particular setting, being that she was on national television. I should have said that she, Miss "you don't have a ticket, hey I got a cell phone so you can still 'come'" was using bad cell phone etiquette. I should have said that I find it quite RUDE that she was just holding her cell phone in the air! I should have any of this, rather than to just call her "ghetto"! Thanks for checkin' me, Toya! And yes, as a person who is (proud to be) from the ghetto, I should DEFINITELY know better! I mean, I wouldn't want my name to become synonymous with lateness (although, let's be frank, it kind of could be! BUT I'm working on it!) and then to therefore be used whenever people mean that something is done not in the timeframe that it should have been! Examples, "Girl, my friend is so TONYETTE, she got here at 4:45, knowing the show started at 3:30" or "sheesh, how TONYETTE were they to have delivered that software on the 16th instead of the 1st like they promised?" YIKES!! I cringe at the thought, so again, Toya, thank you!!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Don't hate the game! (Last night's LB)

So of course I watched my new favorite MTV show last night, Laguna Beach, and of course there was MUCH that I could discuss. Every week this show provides at least one shriek of "ARE YOU SERIOUS??" from me and this week proved no different! Jessica (who I just feel sorrier and sorrier for each episode!) and maybe Alex M. (I think, but I don't remember. It was one of them "blonde" chicks!) were having a conversation. So Alex M. (or whoever she is) says "what is that saying? 'Don't hate the player, hate the game'. Is that how it goes?" To which Jessica replies, "no, it's 'Don't hate the game, hate the player.'" At this point, I cry "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" to the TV. Because Jessica said it like she was absolutely right, like she was the end-all be-all on this particular brand of slang. Like her friends look to her as the "I don't only speak VALLEY GIRL" member of the crew! She said it like, "no, you almost had it, but I KNOW the saying!" Mind you this was like 2 minutes into the show. My FAVORITE moment, my AYS moment had arrived so early in the program! I was already satisfied and could have turned the TV off right then! Yes! But seriously, "don't hate the game, hate the player!" Seriously!?! And then the blond chick says "I totally hate the game!" LOL!!!!! Of course they were talking about guys (and Jessica's latest crush, Jeff) but I was just kept repeating it to myself. "Don't hate the game, hate the player! Don't hate the game, hate the player!" I mean, Jessica said it with SUCH utter conviction that I had to, at one point, check with myself and be sure that she did, in fact, say it wrong! Wow! It's because of times like those that I even watch Laguna Beach, for the AYS moments! I won't even start on that Kristin girl and how she hooked up with YET another young fella! Nor will I go into how Jessica's taste needs a makeover! LOL! First, Dieter, then Jason, now Jeff. Sadly, I think Jason is the cutest of the three! But I will say how I can't wait to see it next week because I think my BOYFRIEND Talan will ask Kristin to the prom, in a very sweet way (based on my assessment of the previews). But Talan, why? Kristin is so unworthy!

And I also watched My Super Sweet 16. It was actually a young lady's quincearea, so it was her "fifteen's" as she kept on calling it. Wow, everything was nice but I'm sure it was completely over-the-top expensive! I have seen weddings that cost like a fraction of what her party cost and that were MUCH less organized! But at least she was appreciative, for the most part, and her parents actually seemed like parents, not peons! Because it was a quince, she had 30 total people in her quince court (15 young ladies and 15 gentlemen to accompany and dance with them.) She designed her dress (which is like a wedding dress) and the dresses of her court. She didn't come off as a complete BRAT like some of them do. That was good. Next week will be Gerald Levert's daughter. I hope she is NOTHING like Cee-lo's daughter was. That girl was a nightmare!

Monday, October 03, 2005

did the research...

and it appears that Russell is older than Rev. Run (as I thought anyway!) what I didn't realize is that, according to (which is one of my main "sources" of information, as I am QUITE the Internet stalker) Rev. Run is NINE years younger than Rush! (I know, I TOOK you BACK with the "Rush" nickname!) I mean, does anyone else think they look like they are that far apart? I mean, Russell is 48 which means the Rev is only what? 39? Oh my GOSH! I honestly don't believe that. I'll have to do some more research. That just seems so wrong!

One more thing...

About the Hip Hop Honors. En Vogue sang! Ok, it was pretty brief (because they were performing "Whatta Man" with Salt-N-Pepa) but to see Cindy, Dawn, Maxine and Terry all together was pretty exciting!

VH1's Hip Hop Honors

Ok, so it's 1:56 in the morning. Because I was ridiculously tired after cooking a nice Sunday dinner, I took an almost FIVE-hour nap! (It was completely unintentional!) Anyway, so when I woke UP at midnight, I figured there'd be nothing good on. Lo and behold, at 12:30, VH1's Hip Hop Honors were replaying! Whoo hoo because I hadn't seen them yet! Well, the first person they were honoring was LL Cool J. And there was a performance by Nelly and Ciara. Well, I was completely skeptical of Nelly and Ciara (both who I like, actually, but I'm just skeptical sometimes!) Well, they proved to be great and made me a believer! Nelly really captured the 80s LL! He performed "I'm bad" and it was almost like watching the video for that song! Plus, he looked a little sexy! I'm now offically ON Nelly! Then, he and Ciara did "Doin' it" and they were very good! I thought it was good that they were able to add their own flair (for example, instead of repping Queens and Brooklyn as the original song does, Nelly said "the Lou" and "ATL"!) but still staying pretty true to the song. Plus, Ciara looked really pretty! Prettier than usual, and I always think she looks pretty! I think it was the hair. She need to FOREVER keep her hair dark! Gorgeous! Plus, it wasn't just hanging there like normal! It was curly or wavy or something. I loved it! So, they have both made me fans, moreso than I was before.

Ok, so honestly I really just wanted to comment on Nelly and Ciara, but for the most part, I MUST say that this is one of the best "honor some folk" shows I've seen in a long time. I really think that all of the performances were really good. The tribute ones so far have been really impressive because it seems like the people really took the time to capture the person to whom they are tributing. Right now, TI, Black Thought & Common are doing a tribute to Big Daddy Kane! Really good! (sidebar: Common has such a beautiful face. I think it's the eyes!!) I think what's most wonderful is that I'm not thinking "WHY did they choose these people?" after each tribute performance--like I do MOST times when I see shows like this. i.e. when LIZA MINNELLI sang at the Michael Jackson one! Sheesh! I didn't even know what song she was performing until someone SAID it later! What the h___! Anyway, even the honorees performed really well! (Um, Ice-T though. I wasn't too impressed but I think that's just because I never really liked Ice-T as a rapper. When he was really "out" I wasn't into West Coast rap like that. I like him better as an actor than a rapper, actually!)

Also, Russell Simmons and Reverend Run look more and more alike the older they get! Wow! Ok, I should probably know this, but who's older? I always thought Russell. I still think that but they must be pretty close in age. Being the ME that I am, I'm going to have to do the research and find out!

OK, I WAS about to end this post, but the show just came back from commercial. How GHETTO is it that they just showed Diddy going up on stage (for the tribute to honoree B.I.G.) and some woman was on her CELL PHONE talking and then she just held the phone up to the air. So, what, she's like letting her friend "attend" the concert? I mean, if you are in the FRONT ROW of a nationally televised show, please at least act like you're not THAT ghetto! Last comment, Faith: what? I don't really like what she she has on tonight, or her attempt at "hip hop-ness" or whatever. I'm not feeling her tonight. But as you may know, I've never been the biggest Faith fan anyway. (Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know! I'm like the only one, but that's fine with me!) Ok, so sorry, one more comment. I now think that to call him "Lil" Cease is a big stretch. I might not have much room to talk, but wow, he's BLOWN UP! And I don't mean as far as his musical career! Yikes! Ok, now that it's 2:30 and I'm still completely NOT sleepy, what will I do now? (whoo hoo! Law & Order: CI is on!! and if you don't know what the "CI" stands for, then you don't know what's up!)