Friday, May 23, 2008

Are Christians crazy?

Now...before anyone tries to get fiesty, I am NOT posing this as a "let's discuss the validity of the statement" type thing!! I just called the post by this title because I figured it would be a good attention-grabber. It should probably say "is this why people think Christians are crazy?". I had a thought similar to that this afternoon when I was telling a friend (shout-outs to Ty!!) about how I found some very cute shoes for a ridiculously low price!! See, I am going to be in a fashion show on Sunday. (Shameless plug: "A Different World" featuring Sunshine Models on Wheels AND Signature Ink's newest models--that includes me!!) I had to find some runway shoes (what I have is cute, but...) and a few items of clothing. Well, I hate to shop so this morning during my morning prayer, I asked God to lead me to exactly where I need to go for the shoes and clothes!! This is part one of the "are Christians crazy?" Then, this afternoon, on my lunch break, I felt the need to go to Shoe City on Woodlawn Drive. (It's right near my job!) I've only been in there one time before because I don't really shop in Shoe City. I said to myself, "Well, let me just go real quick"! Well, when I drove up, I saw a sign that they are going to have outlet prices from now on! Wow! Ok, so I was thinking, "this may be good!" Well, to make the story as short as possible, I got three pairs of shoes for $14.21! I told my friend and she said "that's a tithing special!" And then I told her that I had listened to the Holy Spirit about going in there. Then I said, "and I'm waiting to hear where I should go for the soldier scene". This is part two of the "are Christians crazy?". As soon as I typed the email, I thought to myself, "that's a little crazy! If I were anyone else, and especially someone who wasn't a Christian, I'd think that was nuts!" I mean, the idea of asking God about shopping?! Now, I realize I never write any posts that would really even indicate that I know Jesus, but the reality is that I am in, what I consider to me, close relationship with Him. I realize it DOES seem crazy to live the Christian life be dependent on God for everything, from the "big" stuff down to the "little" things like where to shop, or even sometimes, where to park, but that's what I'm starting to do more and more. That's the kind of life I want to lead!! Some people would say that God isn't concerned with that kind of thing..."where should I go to the market? What job should I take?" but the reality is, God wants to talk to us about everything. So, I'm learning to talk to Him more...and to listen more. And just for the record, NO, I don't think Christians are crazy! We just lead a different kinda life! (Or, at least, we SHOULD!)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Six Quirky Facts about me

So, I have been tagged by my friend Toya (Life of a Ladybug--check her out!) and it took me a while (basically, to narrow it DOWN to six! I think I'm pretty quirky!)

1. I have pretty good command of my toes/feet! If something drops on the floor and I can't reach...I'll pick it up with one of my feet!

2. (I've mentioned this one before) I talk to myself...a lot. Conversations, notes to self or just whatever! I do it everywhere, too! At the market, walking in to work, wherever. Should I be worried about this? I don't think so!

3. Although I love to cook and bake, I'm too scared to open those cans that biscuits and cinnamon rolls come in. I hate the "pop" sound they make! I ask my mother or someone else around to open it. My mom asked, "what will you do when you get married?" I said, "Ask my husband! I'll cook dinner...his one job will be to OPEN the biscuits!"

4. In my cubicle at work, I don't have any personal items. I don't have any pictures or cute little sayings, posters or calendars. You'd come into my cube and wonder if it's my first, or perhaps last, day!

5. I may have a touch of OCD. My friend Tyesha was the first to point this out. I like to wash my hands, but when I cook, it's almost obsessive! Also, I must always be "balanced" whenever I do things! For example, if I try a shoe on my left foot, I feel like I "must" try on a right shoe, too! Otherwise, I feel "off". I just realized, even when I wear jewelry, if I have something on one wrist/hand/arm, I have to have something on the other one, too. It's very rare to see me with a ring and bracelet on one hand/wrist and nothing on the other!

6. One of my favorite "chores"--I don't know what else to call it--is ironing! People who know me very closely know that; it's something I really love and am good at! LOL! I volunteer to iron people's things, especially if I think they can't do a good job themselves!