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A guilty pleasure

I should actually be ASHAMED to put this out on the Internet, but I have the most shameful little guilty pleasure. I have "fallen in love" (said in quotes, just in case The Boo reads this and thinks I'm actually serious!) with Zac Efron! LOL! Yes, the lil guy from HSM. I have watched "17 Again" far too many times! I hang my head in shame (as I resist the urge to watch the movie yet again!)

All grown up!

Today I feel like a "real adult"!
I got dressed for work, made my lunch--which included NOT a juice box, but a Crystal Light single pack to add to my water!, grabbed my purse and work bag, put on my comfortable shoes, and headed out the door! Before I headed to class (I'm in training for work), I went and grabbed a hot chocolate with creamer--what?! I still don't like coffee like that!
I even said out loud "Work bag?! Wow!". I'm 30 and that's crazy to me!

That's it!

All the newness!!'s been a few months since I've written anything!
There is so much newness in my life that it's a little crazy!! I attend a new church--have been for about 6 or so months! I think I already posted about that! I am now THIRTY!! WHOO HOO !! I have a new boyfriend!! (Well, he's an old friend and he's not so "new" anymore, but...for the purposes of this posting, he is!) WHOO HOO HOO! I'm about to have a new position at work--hopefully!! Life is good...despite IT ALL! I'm thankful to God that He has sustained me in the midst of various maddening situations!

I'm sure that I'll have plenty to post about in the upcoming days, weeks and months!!
Stay tuned!!

The Devil Wears Prada

I promise that I've seen the movie about 50 times--I own the DVD, so it's not too ridiculous a notion that I've seen it that many times!
I love the movie--and the book, too, actually! The movie is part of the reason that I'm "into" fashion now! I snickered as I wrote "into" because I'm not into it like that. I'm more of an undercover fashion lover. I'm on the fashion down low! LOL! Anyway, I love Meryl Streep's look in the movie. She was HOT the entire time! My favorite outfit is when she's wearing the black pantsuit with the white shirt and red belt & necklace. Hmm...summer is approaching. I need to figure out what my "summer look" will be!

What's up all?

So, I haven't blogged in a minute!! I don't think there is anything too new going on with me! I'm still on the countdown to my 30th birthday!! Yippee!! I can't wait to celebrate!! Also, in 2 years, I've lost almost 45lbs. Wow...that's unbelievable! It seems like I talk about weight loss a lot now...especially considering I wasn't interested in it at all! But I'm proud!! What else? I'll probably be going back to school in the near teach special ed! And I still want to finish my culinary arts I've got some school in my future! Um, yay?! I need to get back on my modeling grind! I had lost my mojo for a minute, but it's back!! So...with spring here and summer not too far behind, I'm going to actively be looking for some opportunities! I have realized that I don't to hide my gifts and/or talents anymore!! So...I'm going to be very busy--as usual--in the next few, well, rest of my life!! :0)

PS That reminds me...…

Nothing new's February 10, 2009! Wow...where did the time go? I have 143 days left until the big 3-0! I'm pretty excited about it, actually! Everything I say or do now is usually prefaced by, "I'm almost 30..." or, "I'll be 30...". I don't have anything ultra exciting to say or share but it had just been a while since I'd blogged!
I'm still loving living alone. I'm still shedding pounds and proud of it! I'm still modeling...but I need to get back in front of the camera or something! I had an audition on Sunday and it was interesting! I'm trying to get a promotion at work and I believe God's time for me to have one, so I'm excited about that!! Um...that's pretty much it!! Until next time I feel like rambling about nothing...