This is another one of those "several blog entries rolled into one" entries!

Laguna Beach last night
Of course, as it is Tuesday, I watched Laguna Beach last night! It was graduation day in Laguna on last night's episode. First question: what time do they have graduation? They were just CHILLING, getting ready. Then, by the time they actually left graduation, it was dark outside. That seems odd to me, considering I had to be at Western at the cracking of dawn, or at least it felt that way at the time! Secondly, they were wearing WHATEVER under their gowns! Now I realize that again I went to Western and we have our own special dress code for graduating (a fact I'm QUITE proud of) but even at UMES, they were like, "look THIS LIST is what you can AND CANNOT wear under your gown!" And how about one mom's advice to her daughter--who was a 2005 graduate of Laguna Beach High (or whatever the name is) and was upset (because her gown was so big)--was "well then, you have to dress ultra-sexy underneath to compensate for the bigness!" Yes, ladies and gents, this was one of my FAMOUS AYS moments! Because what kind of advice is that to give your 17- or 18-year-old daughter! Let's see, what else? I STILL don't like Kristin but that's nothing new and she didn't do anything special yesterday. Just wanted to say it again! Um, also Casey and Alex M. "made up" but it was the saddest thing because Casey really just wants friends and Alex is just a wench with a bad weave. Ok so Casey has the worst weave EVER but at least she TRIES to be sweet. (even if I'm not too fond of her because she seems like one of the PLASTICS!) And how about that butthole Jason, now suddenly--since hooking up with the "older woman" LC--he's supposedly moving to L.A. Uh, get out of here! (sidebar: I just went to Yahoo! maps to see how far away from LB Los Angeles was. it's like an hour north! Sheesh, I thought it was like FAR! Wow!) I think that's about it. Oh, lastly, I was sad because Talan wasn't in ONE scene!

On Saturday I treated myself to some Godiva! YES!!! Whoo! I LOVE chocolate--and PLEASE, no jokes from those of you who MIGHT joke me! They were giving out samples of their pumpkin cheesecake dessert chocolat: scrumptious! I didn't buy any of those but I did buy a strawberry cheesecake dessert chocolat! Also delish! and five other pieces! In the Godiva boutique, I realized how one (by "one" I mean "man who SHOULD be in pursuit of me") MIGHT think that I'm the slightest bit expensive. I spent almost $15 and for that I got 6 pieces of candy and a drink.

I have so many coming up! I am QUITE excited!! I think I have at least one scheduled every month from November through March. Then another in June. Then...well, that's all I know for now, but that's enough! Oh, and I might actually go to my timeshare next year (in Orlando). We'll see!

That's about it for me! But that's probably enough, huh?


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