Don't hate the game! (Last night's LB)

So of course I watched my new favorite MTV show last night, Laguna Beach, and of course there was MUCH that I could discuss. Every week this show provides at least one shriek of "ARE YOU SERIOUS??" from me and this week proved no different! Jessica (who I just feel sorrier and sorrier for each episode!) and maybe Alex M. (I think, but I don't remember. It was one of them "blonde" chicks!) were having a conversation. So Alex M. (or whoever she is) says "what is that saying? 'Don't hate the player, hate the game'. Is that how it goes?" To which Jessica replies, "no, it's 'Don't hate the game, hate the player.'" At this point, I cry "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" to the TV. Because Jessica said it like she was absolutely right, like she was the end-all be-all on this particular brand of slang. Like her friends look to her as the "I don't only speak VALLEY GIRL" member of the crew! She said it like, "no, you almost had it, but I KNOW the saying!" Mind you this was like 2 minutes into the show. My FAVORITE moment, my AYS moment had arrived so early in the program! I was already satisfied and could have turned the TV off right then! Yes! But seriously, "don't hate the game, hate the player!" Seriously!?! And then the blond chick says "I totally hate the game!" LOL!!!!! Of course they were talking about guys (and Jessica's latest crush, Jeff) but I was just kept repeating it to myself. "Don't hate the game, hate the player! Don't hate the game, hate the player!" I mean, Jessica said it with SUCH utter conviction that I had to, at one point, check with myself and be sure that she did, in fact, say it wrong! Wow! It's because of times like those that I even watch Laguna Beach, for the AYS moments! I won't even start on that Kristin girl and how she hooked up with YET another young fella! Nor will I go into how Jessica's taste needs a makeover! LOL! First, Dieter, then Jason, now Jeff. Sadly, I think Jason is the cutest of the three! But I will say how I can't wait to see it next week because I think my BOYFRIEND Talan will ask Kristin to the prom, in a very sweet way (based on my assessment of the previews). But Talan, why? Kristin is so unworthy!

And I also watched My Super Sweet 16. It was actually a young lady's quincearea, so it was her "fifteen's" as she kept on calling it. Wow, everything was nice but I'm sure it was completely over-the-top expensive! I have seen weddings that cost like a fraction of what her party cost and that were MUCH less organized! But at least she was appreciative, for the most part, and her parents actually seemed like parents, not peons! Because it was a quince, she had 30 total people in her quince court (15 young ladies and 15 gentlemen to accompany and dance with them.) She designed her dress (which is like a wedding dress) and the dresses of her court. She didn't come off as a complete BRAT like some of them do. That was good. Next week will be Gerald Levert's daughter. I hope she is NOTHING like Cee-lo's daughter was. That girl was a nightmare!


Ms_Kenesha said…
Love the AYS acronym, you know I'm stealing it right? When are you going to join my hairboard, don't make me come to Bmore and kick you!
Tonyette said…
Please STEAL it! LOL!
Wow, can you THREATEN a person on their OWN blog? OK, what do I need to do to join? I figured I wasn't SPECIAL enough to join! LOL! No seriously. Just tell me what to do!
Ms_Kenesha said…
Go here and sign up!

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