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Go read it!

My friend Tiffany over at Reconstructing Tiffany is a wonderful writer! She captured an awesome experience that we (her, me, our friends and church family) had over the weekend beautifully! Rather than try to capture the same feelings without being repetitive, I decided to just send you to her page! The post is entitled "All Things in Common".

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Aging like a fine wine!

I can "feel" myself getting older! NO! I can't literally feel my bones or skin or anything changing! LOL! But...I can just sense the changes that I'm going through (emotionally, mentally, and yes, some physically) and I gotta say...I'm digging it!
There are things that REALLY excite me now, that just a few years ago, I'd never give a flip about! The idea of decorating my house (the new one that the hubby and I are about to get! I'm speaking it into existence!) is the most thrilling thing to think about these days! I'm like, "ooh, what colors do I want for the master bedroom?" Or, I'll see something in Target and be like "OOH, I could put this in the formal living room"! Or see a throw rug or a pillow somewhere and think "WOW! This would be SO much fun in the family room!" I have to laugh at myself, sometimes!

Another thing: While I still LOVE my fashion blogs (especially the ones by/for plus size women!)...I'm re…

Overflowing with HOPE!!!!

I don't always write from my "Christian woman" standpoint or about my beliefs...but they are the ruling factor in my life, my beliefs. Well, the ONE belief is the ruling single factor in my life. The Lord Jesus Christ is God...He's MY God! That is my single belief! And IT is the ruling factor of my life! One of the many zillion reasons that I love Him...He gives HOPE like no one and nothing else can! It's amazing! I have conversations with my brothers and sisters in Christ and I see how we can just BELIEVE for these great things...and even for the mundane. We can believe that "everything will be ok" without any kind of real or tangible assurance. We can also believe that God will give us things that require money, lots of money, even if we have NO money! It's something that the "world" can't and doesn't understand. Sometimes I take that, the HOPE that comes from knowing and trusting Christ, for granted! Romans 15:13 (NIV) says &quo…

All these changes

I started a post a while back, with the title above. but I never finished it. I deleted it and started writing this. the title indicates, I have gone through some major changes in the last few months! For starters, I GOT MARRIED! I could write all these different things about that, but the short version is this: I. Love. IT! I enjoy knowing that he's there when I wake up randomly in the middle of the night. I love it that, even though he's usually pretty tired, he indulges my desire to have full & deep conversations at 3am. Being married has given me a sense of security that I didn't think I would ever need or even like as "woman who's doing it for herself." I don't love the moments when my husband has to MAKE me stop being so busy or when he's right about something and I'm wrong and have to admit it. But, even in those moments, I LOVE being married! It's causing me to learn a lot about myself. The main thing, though, is that I LO…