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I'm a model!!

Well, sorta! Well, I'm more like a "model in training!" No, seriously, I haven't yet signed on with the agency, but I'm taking classes to prepare me to be signed with Signature Ink Modeling Agency! (Here's the website if you are interested: Signature Ink Models). I'm very pumped about it!! Our classes started on January 5.

Here's exactly what happened: My friend Tyesha, who is tall and beautiful and very "model-esque", was already going to sign with Signature and was in a fashion show in November with the agency. I went to support her and on a trip to the ladies room--during which I got sidetracked and ended up buying one of the most beautiful and CHUNKY rings I've ever seen and owned!--I saw a flier for the agency's open call that upcoming Friday. I went to the agency's website and MySpace pages and saw that she has a full-figured division and that she has people who aren't the typical "fashion/model industry standard&…

Happy President's Day!

Ok, so I'm not REALLY that pumped about Abe Lincoln & uh...all the other presidents whose birthdays we celebrate on that day, I'm moreso happy for a day off!! Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the fact that Abraham Lincoln was born and did great things as a president--though not so QUITE what everyone thinks!--but on Monday, I doubt that I'll be little more than resting up for the rest of the week! I feel guilty having said that...any ideas on how I could "celebrate" Monday? (And, NO, a President's day sale does NOT count!)