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The Da Vinci Code

At the suggestion of my friend Alyson, I borrowed the Da Vinci Code (by Dan Brown) from the library. I admittedly didn't know anything about it, except that some Christians were basically trying to ban it and stop the movie from being made. Having read it, I can understand why some would want to do that (I think that's a little extreme but I can at least understand)...BUT the book was fantastic! It was one of the best books I've ever read in my entire life. Plus, it made me want to change jobs and become a cryptanalyst!! (I'm really thinking about that now.) I was figuring out some of the passwords and stuff. I won't say what it's about but I will suggest that EVERYONE read it. (oh yes, it's 426 pages. or something like that. at least the hardback one is, but don't let that stop you!!)

I thought I had more to say, but I forgot...Oh yes, this Saturday, if it crosses your mind and you are a person who prays, please pray for me this Saturday. I'll be w…

Addendum (to my crossover boyfriends list!)

In my excitement to publish my list of all the sexy MENS that I'd cross that racial line for, I COMPLETELY forgot number 4: Orlando Bloom!!
Orly, sorry I missed ya honey! What was I thinking?

Ok, now I must admit, that unlike Paul Walker--I've seen all his movies--I don't think I've ever seen one movie that even features Orlando Bloom! I know, I know! Seriously though, NO, I haven't seen any Lord of the Rings movies, or Pirates of the Caribbean. I claimed I was going to see Troy just because he was in it, but nope, didn't do that. Maybe this new movie with Kirsten Dunst will be the one that turns the tide! But the fact that I've seen him in NOTHING goes even further to prove his YUM factor! I don't even know where I've really seen him. Maybe previews and interviews, but that's about it! Anyway, he's another cutie on the crossover list!

My list of crossover boyfriends (trying to be PC here!)

After numbers 1-3, they are in no particular order! Also, please know that when it comes to my BOYFRIENDS, I don't need backup. If I am the only person on the planet who thinks someone is cute, that's ok with me!)
1) Paul William Walker IV! I LOVE Paul Walker (and in case you are clueless and live somewhere that I don't wanna live, he's probably most famous for the Fast and the Furious movies!) Any movie that Paul is in, I MUST see, at least once! Yes, sometimes they SUCK but hey, at least I get to see 90 or more minutes of his beautifulness! (mini sidebar: MANY hats OFF to the casting director of 2 Fast 2 Furious! My goodness! Paul Walker, Tyrese, Ludacris and a few minutes of Michael Ealy! YES! Ok!! I didn't even care what the movie was about once I saw who was in it!)
2) Nick Lachey! I have already claimed that I WILL be his second wife! (and my name will be Tonyette Lache Lachey! LOL!) C'mon all the evidence points towards Nick marrying me. A. How long is he …

Laguna Beach on 9/26/025

I completely LOVE this show! (I know I said that in the last post, but so what!) This show is so completely funny to me! Oh, and Talan is officially on the list of my CROSSOVER boyfriends! (I will post my "crossover list" in another post!) When he was fixing that totally unworthy Kristin dinner, I was like, "Talan, you should be mine!" Which brings me to Kristin! Honey, if you know that Talan likes you and you know that Stephen freakin' LOVES you, what are you doing? The faces that she makes when she's with each of them is so funny, but if I saw the show later and was either one of them, I'd be upset with her! And in the previews for the episode next week, she "hooks up" with another guy! But hey, at least she's being honest. She has told both Talan and Stephen that she doesn't want a boyfriend, so I gotta give her that! How about the "MOST FAKE CHICK IN THE UNIVERSE" award goes to Casey! Sheesh, everything about her is fake…

New Favorite Show

I have a new favorite show on MTV. For me, this show is must-see TV.
It's Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. I LOVE this show. I get upset when I miss the new episodes. (it comes on Mondays at 10 EST) but MTV being MTV, I can ALWAYS catch a repeat!
I started watching it one day when I was being lazy in a hotel room in Dallas. I was at a dance ministry conference and couldn't move another muscle. So I flipped on the TV. Channel-surfing, I stopped on Laguna Beach. I watched like 4 episodes back-to-back and I've been hooked ever since. The show is about some RICH kids who live in Laguna Beach, California! It's a real-life show. The kids are not actors. I LOVE this show because these kids (seniors in high school and freshmen in college, now that it's the second season) live lives so FAR removed from ANYTHING I'm used to that I'm always completely intrigued, hypnotized, even stupefied by their actions! First of all, I NEVER see parents on the show. Secondly, …


(I am going to try to post at least twice a week. I can't promise daily right now but I'll do what I can!)

Ok, having said that, TGIPF! (In case you are wondering, the "P" stand for PAY!) Whoo hoo! I love payday!! Payday is the reason I come to work every day. (Sad but true. I'm currently seeking other employment. No, not actively, but I'm about to change all that!) Sure, I pay bills the INSTANT that I get paid--sometimes I send checks out in just enough time that they'll arrive on payday--and SURE I've got a few bills that are just waiting for my proper attention, but at least on pay Friday, I can treat myself. I can have lunch AND a snack! I can have dinner AND dessert! On pay Friday, I can go to BP and say those three beautiful words, "Fill up, please!" Ok, that last one wasn't completely true b/c I rarely, if ever, use cash to get gas! But you get what I'm saying! Pay Friday is a good day for me! I get so happy about getting paid …

Why I (will) talk about food SO much

In case you are like "dang, this girl LOVES food!"--and if you aren't like that, you probably WILL be--or even "why does she have links to Godiva and the Food Network?" I just thought I'd mention that I intend to become a pastry chef in the near future! So my "job" will be food, well dessert very soon.

Plus, on top of that, I LOVE to eat. Let's be real! My friend Tyesha told me that she didn't know anyone who got as excited talking about food as me. I can accept that! I mean, I really enjoy food. I feel like this, if we must eat to live, and if I intend to live until at least my late 90s, I'd better get to enjoying what it is that I eat. (But I do have a friend who loves to talk about food with me! I won't say any names, but she's a NEWLYwed! She knows who she is!)

First post

Ok, why did I decide to create a blog?
1) Everybody's doing it *said like a whiny little teenager*
2) I LOVE blogs!!!
3) My sister said that I'm very random and that I have a tendency to ramble. I figure this would be the BEST place to do that!