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Compelled to WINK!

I think something may be a little wrong with me. I realized the other day...and it was confirmed today...that every time I say, read, sing or write the word "wink" that I feel "forced" to follow up with the action of winking as accompaniment! Like just typing this post, I had to concentrate on not doing it as I typed it! Is that crazy? Oh well...that's me!

(I will come back and post more later! I realize I haven't posted anything in a coupla weeks! I'll be back in full force soon!) Until then...

traits vs. looks

I've been REALLY finding myself more attracted to guys who are cute or "have their own look" but are great people as opposed to fine guys who are just cool! Is it just me (and my sister) or is there just something so incredibly SEXY about a guy who can hold a conversation intelligently? There's something about someone who knows WORDS and uses them correctly and thinks that white t-shirts are to be worn as UNDERGARMENTS only! (well, for the most part. Nothing wrong with it, every NOW and again, as a part of the outfit!) Whoo! Give it up for the man with an education who isn't afraid to let people know that he has one! YES! And a heart for the people, a philanthropist, will just get me EVERY time! Even my latest celebrity obsessions...oops, I mean, crushes, reflect my new attitude! Is it because I'm getting older? Or is it because i'm looking for a husband opposed to just a boyfriend like when I was a little younger?