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Today is SUCH a good food day!! I'm SO happy!!! I had a YUMMY Dutch Apple and Raisin bagel from Panera Bread for breakfast...then, I was in this focus study thing on CHOCOLATE!!!!! Oh yes, that was FANTASTIC...AND I got paid for it!! WHAT?! Remarkable!!! Then, for lunch, this INCREDIBLE salad from the salad bar at Giant...and tonight, dinner with my girlfriends at the Cheesecake Factory...can't WAIT!! Ooh, AND tomorrow, I'm going to brunch with my mom at the, I think, Radissson in Cross Keys...I'm going to be eating good all weekend!! YAY!! AND it's spring time!! I'm as happy as a pig in mud!! (Whatever that means!!)


So...I have decided that for REAL this time, I want to cut my hair...specifically like Rihanna's cute lil bob cut!! I want it cut like that AND colored!! It will be cute...I will be cute WITH it and I'm excited!! For a while, I was "afraid" to cut my hair, but why...seriously, it's JUST hair!! It will grow back...and if I can't wait, in this day and age, I can BUY some hair!! So I'm going to do it...this comes on the heels of my decision to ACTIVELY change the way I look...for the better! Normally, I pride myself on the "appearance isn't everything" way of thinking! And while that statement is TRUE, it's still SOMETHING!! So, I want to be proactive in changing my look!! I'm excited about further developing my style and what I like!! I may even post pictures!! Ooh!!

Happily Ever After

SO...I'm talking with a co-worker, who I often have MIND-BLOWING (and NOT in a positive way) conversations with and it made me feel like I have these romantic idealistic ridiculous expectations of relationships and marriage!! I hope that is not true and I hope that he's just more willing to deal with foolishness than I am...because if it turns out he is right and that I'm basically setting myself up to 1) be alone or 2) to settle then I WON'T be a happy camper!!!!!!!!
He's always asking me "what about love?" and I'm like "love is not enough" and I truly and honestly believe that! OF COURSE it's the foundation, but I definitely do NOT think it's enough to sustain a relationship. But maybe that's just me!!

Return to Vegas

I'm going back to Las Vegas in May!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm ecstatic!!!!!!!!!

Shut UP!!!!

So...I have realized I don't especially like it when people complain just for the heck of it!! I'm more of a "what are you going to do about it?" person!! Of course, I ALWAYS think that there is a time and place to just vent and I'll happily listen!! But if you continuously tell me about the same problems that you intend to do NOTHING about, just don't call or email or text me!! Ugh!! And DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT ask my opinion because it doesn't matter because you don't intend to change anything!! That's all!

The Sun is Shining

Even though it's only about 30 degrees today--at least, here in Baltimore--I'm SO happy that there have been DAYS of sunshine!! This makes me happy!!

Know what else (still) makes me happy? My freakin' iPod! Gosh I love that gadget!! It's bananas!! I'm up to almost 900 songs (still a FAR cry from the full capacity) and I'm just jammin' more and more day by day!! It makes me so happy!! Who would have known!?!

Anyway, here's to SPRING!!