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Mission Get Healthy (Week 3)

Today, I don't have much to say. I STILL haven't gotten on the elliptical, sadly! Hopefully I'll get the gumption to do so this upcoming week! I haven't had any meat or poultry since Sunday--but that's been more force than choice. More on that another time. I did make dishes that included a lot of fresh vegetables and I've had plenty of fruit as well. I still have some asparagus that needs my attention. I don't really have a "good decision of the day" for today, but I do have something exciting to report! I wore a shirt today, to work, that I haven't worn since last summer. It fits looser than it did last summer! Whoo hoo!

Mission Get HEALTHY! (Week 2)

I missed my post on Friday, doing lots of running around, so I'll do it today!! I went to the grocery store on Friday and was very proud of myself! So, my "good decision of the day" was to buy a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits! I bought (hardly) any junk food and I think I can make it on a "less meat, more veggies" diet. My body is reacting very negatively to most meat these days anyway...and I don't even eat much, mostly poultry and fish. And eating out (fast food anyway) seems to be a thing of the past! Oh well, I look forward to all the different things I'll now try because of my mission to get healthy! Next up, I hope that the next post will be me saying "I finally got back on my elliptical"! Yes, I own one! No, I haven't been on it in years! :0( I'm ashamed! But I'll be back on soon! And I think I want to join somewhere so I can swim!

Mission Get HEALTHY!

So...I've decided, one and for all that it's REALLY time to get healthy! I do need to lose weight and I want to overall just be healthy! So, inspired by one of my nfew favorite bloggers (and southern friend, at least in my mind, Kimberly each week, I'm going to post something related to this new mission of mine! At first I was gonna call it "Project Get Healthy" but I need to make it my MISSION from here on out! Not only do I need to do this because I'm back up, on the wrong side of 250, I'm a worship-dancer and so it would make sense that I'm in shape! Plus, I would like to, if time allows, get back into modeling. My agent told me a while back that my goal was a "comfortable 14"...clearly I only heard the "comfortable" part! :0)

I think that this weekend, I'm going to see how many ways I can creatively cook vegetables! My mom and I have been talking about getting healthier and she was all excited about veggie lasagna! I also …