The Cow bka Dairy Fresh

I just felt that it was totally time for a FOOD-related post!! I am always saddened by the end of summer b/c it means the close (for the season) of places like Rita's Italian Ice and more importantly Dairy Fresh. I think that Rita's is a wonderful place, but since I have discovered Dairy Fresh, I just don't love Rita's as much! So, tonight will be one of my "final trips"--even though they probably won't close for another month (they stay open longer because they are the GREATEST!) But it just makes me sad to know that soon I won't be able to ride all the way up Reisterstown Road, eventually changing to Main Street (it makes the change in Reisterstown) to get my good ole gelati! Did I mention that I live in (basically) upper Park Heights (in Baltimore city, just in case my blog has gone national or international! Hey, I'm funny! It COULD happen!) and I make the drive to Reisterstown (about 25 or so minutes) whenever the urge hits me to get a gelati (chocolate ice w/vanilla frozen custard, or my NEW thing, chocolate AND peanut butter ice with vanilla custard! Ty, YES!) or a Concrete! (custard mixed with a topping, like nuts or something!) And the sad part is that I have friends who live in that area and sometimes (shh! don't tell them) I will go and get something from Dairy Fresh and NOT stop by to visit with them! Call it greedy if you want. I just say that I'm "very good to myself" as my friend Karyn once said!

PS They recently changed the name of Dairy Fresh to "The Cow" but I completely HATE that name! I just can't bring myself to say "who wants something from the Cow" or when someone asks where I'm going to get a gelati from, I don't see me saying "I'm getting it from the Cow!" What?


Ms_Kenesha said…
How come I didn't know you had a blog. Am I still your friend am I not a part of your life anymore....LOL! J/K now you know I gotta hook you up on my cool blogs list!
Tonyette said…
I think I left a VERY similar message on one of your THREE blogs!! Love ya babe!
Ms_Kenesha said…
Why instead of custard I read it as mustard...I was like ewww why would you want chocolate mixed with mustard! LOL! READING IS FUNDAMENTAL!

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