Tuesday, August 29, 2006


So...this will be YET another one of those posts that has a few topics all rolled into one and will be divided by sub-topics!

Ok, so I must admit that I now am a fan of Beyonce's song "Deja Vu"--though the video I could still do without! But, as I was listening to it yesterday morning, I got to thinking and I'm wondering, is the obvious OBSESSION that Be seems to experience throughout the song ACTUALLY the phenomenon of Deja Vu OR is it something else--like, well obsession? I mean, yeah, it's only a song and all that, but what do you think? I don't think it is!

Taco & the baby update
So, it turns out that, as I read about, Taco's egg won't hatch because it wasn't fertile! (How do we know? Well, the egg is not even whole anymore. I don't know if she's been bothering it or not!) We are VERY sad in this house! Well, my mother and I are. I don't think my brother cares one way or another, which is sad considering it's HIS turtle, supposedly!!

Mayor O'Malley is cute!
That's pretty much it!! I think he's cute! And because I never need support, it's ok if people don't agree, but Mayor Martin O'Malley is cute to me!! I realized this watching a commercial of his--he's running for Governor. (at least, I think! And YES, I realize this means I need to pay more attention to the people who are running and what they are running for!)

Me & Dat
It seems like I may actually like a song or two that feature E-40. YES, I am just as shocked as you are!! Trust me! I feel especially horrible for liking the song "U & Dat"! Any song where a man--who IS T-Pain--says something about wanting to be close to "that monkey" should make me cringe whenever I hear it, and yet, I find myself jamming to it!

Another Mr. Evans, ya know!
There is a guy who works at my job who I strongly believe is the older brother of Mr. Evans from Western. Why do I think this? This man is also like weirdly tall--like I thought Mr. Evans was--and red and oh...his last name is Evans!! The man looks enough like him that if I weren't AFRAID of the idea, I'd ask him. But Mr. Evans was always weird and spooky to me so the fact that this guy may be his brother so scares me that when I was in the elevator with him this afternoon, I couldn't look his way! I know...I'm crazy (great segue into my final topic!)

I'm talking to me?
I realized that I talk to myself, A LOT! I mean, I know I posted about it before--when talking about how I comment on the people who clean at my joband it's usually a comment to myself! But in the market the other day, it dawned on me, I really talk to myself A LOT! EVERYWHERE! Sad but true! Like, people probably think I'm a basketcase when they see me because I have, basically, full-fledged conversations! But it's really just that I express my thoughts out loud, often, even when no one else is listening...or can respond!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Taco had a baby!!

Ok...so YAY, Taco had a baby!!! Well, kinda!! Ok, who is Taco...my brother's turtle that he "rescued" from the roadside near his boss's house. Well, we've had her for a couple of months, probably since the beginning of the summer and it's been BIG FUN having her! So...ok, yeah, we didn't even know officially that she was a SHE...until she LAYED (OR LAID) an EGG! Wow!! She layed/laid the egg today and my mom is so excited! She had already been calling the turtle her "grandbaby" or "grandturtle" so now she's like, "I'm going to be a great-grandmother!" She's so excited that she plans to call her friend in Kentucky and tell her! LOL! I said, "what in the world are you going to do when I have a baby?" She said, "I'll probably call the news!" LOL! But YAY, Taco had a baby, kinda! The egg hasn't hatched and probably won't for about 3 months...and I'm a little concerned because sometimes turtles that have been taken from nature, or whatever, lay eggs that aren't fertile! So...I hope that this turtle egg hatches!! We are so excited in this house! Share in our joy!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The good/bad breakfast

I just had the best/worst breakfast ever!!
Tastykake Rich Frosted Mini Donuts (chocolate) and a can of Coca Cola! YUM! and Darn! all at once! Why was it the best: because it was DELICIOUS! Why was it the worst: because it was CHOCOLATE and COLA at 10 in the morning!! I need to be consciously working on not drinking as much acidic stuff (until I take my behind to the dermatologist) but every now and again a sister gets weak!!

It was so bad but it was soo good!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm 27!!

That's it!! It dawned on me today...but like, I'm 27!! I mean...I know that's how old I am and it's NOT old but it's not like, 15 or anything! Whoo!!! That's it!! Ok! Crisis over!! There's nothing to see here!