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So...this will be YET another one of those posts that has a few topics all rolled into one and will be divided by sub-topics!

Ok, so I must admit that I now am a fan of Beyonce's song "Deja Vu"--though the video I could still do without! But, as I was listening to it yesterday morning, I got to thinking and I'm wondering, is the obvious OBSESSION that Be seems to experience throughout the song ACTUALLY the phenomenon of Deja Vu OR is it something else--like, well obsession? I mean, yeah, it's only a song and all that, but what do you think? I don't think it is!

Taco & the baby update
So, it turns out that, as I read about, Taco's egg won't hatch because it wasn't fertile! (How do we know? Well, the egg is not even whole anymore. I don't know if she's been bothering it or not!) We are VERY sad in this house! Well, my mother and I are. I don't think my brother cares one way or another, which is sad considering it's HIS turt…

Taco had a baby!! YAY, Taco had a baby!!! Well, kinda!! Ok, who is brother's turtle that he "rescued" from the roadside near his boss's house. Well, we've had her for a couple of months, probably since the beginning of the summer and it's been BIG FUN having her! So...ok, yeah, we didn't even know officially that she was a SHE...until she LAYED (OR LAID) an EGG! Wow!! She layed/laid the egg today and my mom is so excited! She had already been calling the turtle her "grandbaby" or "grandturtle" so now she's like, "I'm going to be a great-grandmother!" She's so excited that she plans to call her friend in Kentucky and tell her! LOL! I said, "what in the world are you going to do when I have a baby?" She said, "I'll probably call the news!" LOL! But YAY, Taco had a baby, kinda! The egg hasn't hatched and probably won't for about 3 months...and I'm a little concerned because sometim…

The good/bad breakfast

I just had the best/worst breakfast ever!!
Tastykake Rich Frosted Mini Donuts (chocolate) and a can of Coca Cola! YUM! and Darn! all at once! Why was it the best: because it was DELICIOUS! Why was it the worst: because it was CHOCOLATE and COLA at 10 in the morning!! I need to be consciously working on not drinking as much acidic stuff (until I take my behind to the dermatologist) but every now and again a sister gets weak!!

It was so bad but it was soo good!!!

I'm 27!!

That's it!! It dawned on me today...but like, I'm 27!! I mean...I know that's how old I am and it's NOT old but it's not like, 15 or anything! Whoo!!! That's it!! Ok! Crisis over!! There's nothing to see here!