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It's only 1:41 pm and I feel like I've done a FULL day of work...not because I've been particuarly busy but because I just didn't feel like being here anyway so, of course, the time is passing EVER so slowly! I really thought it was like 3 o'clock, but NOPE!
Sheesh...oh 6pm, where are you?

Wreckless on the Road

So, I'm driving on 795 yesterday (headed towards Reisterstown for a tutoring session) and I'm looking around at all the other drivers. Now, I've heard those stories about people who drive on the highway and are putting on makeup and stuff like that...and I have put on lip gloss or something like that. But I was so AMAZED when I look to my right and there's a man driving and SHAVING!!! I mean, he had one of those electric (well, battery-run) shavers and was SHAVING as he drove along 795! Several questions came to mind!!
1) is this SAFE for him and for US...the other drivers on the road!
2) was he running THAT late??? Seriously, he felt that it was OK to leave the house with the thought "I can always just shave IN THE CAR?" Really?
3) isn't that NASTY? I mean, maybe he wasn't all that hairy, but still EWWW!

This was just appalling to me!! Wow!

How the mind works!

I really appreciate clever things!! And quite honestly, I especially like it when I get it and most people don't! (Hey, it's my blog so I can say what I want! I can be as honest as I want!)

There's an apartment complex off Liberty Road in Randallstown that's called Shakespeare Park. I ride past it often enough but never really noticed the name of the street that it's on. Well, this morning I rode by and noticed that it's on Anne Hathaway Drive. I was thinking to myself (becuase I didn't want my brother to think I was nuts, so I didn't say it out loud) "Cool! Anne Hathaway was Shakespeare's wife. How SLICK is that?" So, I thought that was all cute and clever!

But it's so funny because I can't believe I remembered that. Like, when is the last time that I even read about Shakespeare's life? The mind is so funny because I have to STRAIN my brain to think of what I wore yesterday (oh, I remember, now) but I remembered that William S…

Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder!

For those of you who read this and may not know me personally, I'm currently abstinent. (I guess that's how you say it!) Or maybe, I'm practicing abstinence. Whatever! Y'all know what I mean; I'm not presently sexually active! It's been years! I do it for many reasons and feel very proud! Yes, it can be difficult but it's a worthwhile commitment! I think the main question people ask is "Why?" Second-runner up question basically can be summed up as "how does that work?" (and THAT question comes in a VARIETY of ways!) So, today, I'm having a conversation with a co-worker who I consider a good friend. We ask each other pretty honest questions and whatever we were discussing led me to tell him about my "it's been years" thing! Well, AFTER I finally CONVINCED him that I was telling the truth, we had at least a half-hour or so conversation! And one of the most shocking things he said--because I've had this conversation wi…

Calling Shepherd Pratt

I talk to myself! Ok, I do! and I feel NO shame! And yes, I answer myself! And again, NO shame felt here! None! People say that it's OK to talk to yourself as long as you don't answer yourself. To that I say, WHATEVER!! Because I do both and I don't think it's strange at all! But I DO think I'm bananas sometimes! Why? Well, let me give the background story. Where I work, my building, we have a contract cleaning crew that cleans all day. And I have deduced that the company that has the contract must only hire people with some type of disability, and that some of them must have mental disabilities. There's a few women that, when they clean the bathroom, they carry on full conversations with themselves! Now, I, of all people, should be understanding of this situation! But, NO! Most times, I end up saying "here we go again!" Or "She's about to get started!" Now the thing that makes me obviously crazy is that I'm commenting TO MYSELF usu…

I'm ___ years older than...

I drive my brother to work in the mornings (until he saves up for another car) and we pass Randallstown High School on the way. Well, I started looking at all the kids on the way to school. And it got me thinking...I'm at least NINE years older than the SENIORS! Sheesh!
So, thinking about that made me think even harder. Now, by NO means do I think that, at 26 years old, I am old! I am just saying that time passed more QUICKLY than I realized!
Therefore, here is a list I've come up with:

I'm 5 years older than most COLLEGE seniors,
I'm 9 years older than most HIGH SCHOOL seniors,
I'm 13 years older than most EIGHTH graders,
I'm 16 years older than most FIFTH graders,
I'm 20 years older than most FIRST graders, and lastly
I'm 22 years older than the average K-4 student!
Wow! but the funny part is that I'm still only 26! So, life is good! (but it feels like I JUST learned to tie my shoes! What happened? Is this how life will be from now on? Just ZIPPING by?)

A wonderful change...

I was thinking recently and maybe, JUST maybe, I'm becoming more emotional and well, woman-like. See, women are generally more emotions-based and quicker to show feelings than men are. As I grew into adulthood, I was NOT known for being a "share my feelings...let's talk about it...let's all cry" kind of woman. In fact, the last time I'd cried outside of church in YEARS was probably at a funeral! In fact, I think that all of my parents (mom, dad & spouses) have all called me a "son" or referenced me as "un-emotional" at one time or another! But I realize that I've said "I'm having an emotional day" a LOT lately! In fact, I said it today (and I'm don't even have PMS) So, maybe I'm getting more in touch with my feminine side! I'm really rather excited about it...but PLEASE don't expect me to be all crying at commercials and that kind of crap! :--)

Don't be a menace...

This morning I was watching Menace II Society..and I was thinking back to how FINE I thought Kaine aka Tyrin Turner was in those days! Whoo! And everyone I know thought he was fine..and those lips, yes indeed! But, like...where is HE these days? It's funny b/c he was the main character and Larenz Tate was the "sidekick"...but look at his career compared to Tyrin's. Oh well, maybe he (Tyrin) will be in something soon! (just checked and YEP, he'll be in something SOON! LOL!) I wonder if he is still fine!

A winter wedding

Ok, so after having talked it over with my sister Tiff and my friend Aly, I have confirmed it, I will be getting married in winter! My reason for wanting to get married during one of the wintry months: so I can wear a fur muff and cape (yes, Tiff the cape is a new addition) with my dress! I thought this might be too shallow a reason to pick a season in which to get married, but they both were like WHATEVER! You can use whatever reason you want to pick the time! Mind you, I don't have a boyfriend YET...but a friend of mine told me that you should be as prepared as possible BEFORE you start "officially" planning b/c otherwise you get too stressed out! least I have that detail figured out!!

Jams of Shame

Yes, ladies and IS that time again, where I 'fess up to songs that I like, but feel some kind of way about admitting that I like!

1) "SOS" by Rihanna--why so ashamed, you asked? B/c it's by RIHANNA! (who, by the way, I heard her say her name and she pronounces it as "ree-anna". Didn't know!) Um, but she's PRETTY wack so I feel kind of wack to like it!

2) "Check on It" by Beyonce--yes, Miss Overrated herself has made me a fan...of this song anyway! She's SO overrated that it's ACTUALLY sad but now when I hear this song, I actually find myself NOT turning the station. (And I have a secret crush on Slim Thug! Don't ask why, cause I don't know why!)

3) "Lean wit It, Rock wit It"--I think this one's actually ALMOST OK to like, but I still feel a little something when I do find myself in the car leaning and rocking with it!

The truth DOES hurt!

So it's Tuesday and the day that I predicted my "gosh I feel sucky!" mood would end. WRONG!But it's ok because it's a different kind of sucky! I feel really bad because the Lord just revealed another "thing to change within myself" to me. And it's hurtful but I'll get over it and I'll be fine!!
I was thinking about it and I don't really post about my spiritual side or my relationship with the Lord a lot. Hmm! What's up with that? Don't really know! Anyway, the truth can REALLY hurt...especially when it's a truth about yourself. But like my pastor always says...the truth hurts...first! then it heals!" So I know I'll be a better person because of days like today! But it still cuts like a knife! (Picture me doing the "gesture" for "cuts like a knife" Tiff! LOL!)