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My love letter!

Dear Mr. Jobs & Mr. Fadell,
Please let me express the complete love and joy that I've found in a little white & silver device that weighs less than 5 ounces and has 30GB of memory!! My new iPod has brought such happiness to my has filled a void that I didn't even know was there! Between the iTunes I have at work and at home, my iPod and little teeny earphones, and the FM transmitter that I have for the car, I am now free to JAM at any given moment, no matter where I am and no matter what kind of mood I'm in!! Thank you gentlemen for this wonderful invention! Mr. Fadell, I believe you were one of the first people on the iPod team and for you and your team, I thank the Heavens above!! Because of the iPod, I can listen to the Ying Yang twins and then follow it up with a Jill Scott song and then follow THAT up with a Shekinah Glory song!! Oh the wonder! Oh the thrill!! My life--though this may be a SAD revelation--is now complete!!

Your most appreciat…

The Real McCoy

(I started this forever ago! How about if I ACTUALLY post it!)
You know what, lately, I've been having lots of discussions that have caused me to realize that I have a new outlook on relationships! Well, more like a new way of thinking when it comes to how I'll enter my next relationship! What is this great, deep & wondrous revelation you ask? Well, simply that I've decided that I'm going to be ME! This revelation came from a number of different places: talking to one of my dance ministry sisters, a comment from my friend Anita, a blog posting from my fellow TRINITY sista and talking to my sister today! So, yeah, onto the revelation! For the next guy who I enter a relationship with, he's going to get the REAL DEAL! He's going to get the sarcastic, loves to eat, LOVES God AND secular music, say what I feel, size 16 with no plans to become a size 1, checks my email CONSTANTLY during the day and would rather text message than talk on my cell Tonyette ! So, Pea…

No gum at work!!

You know what? I realized that I don't chew gum often at work! And just now, I figured out why: I like to "crack" and "pop" my gum a lot! So, I have on headphones right now, jamming to iTunes as I do my work...and I just popped my gum in so loud that I heard it OVER my music! Um, to myself I say NO MA'AM! Wow!! And this is why I need to not chew gum at work!


Wow, I'm listening to my iTunes here at I do often so as NOT to go insane and "Make Me Whole" by Amel Larrieux just went off! I absolutely LOVE that song and have decided that it will be played on my wedding day, at some point in the day! That song is really how I WANT to feel when I fall in love! WOW!

Happy Birthday to ME!!

YAY, it's my birthday!! I'm so happy! I'm 27, today!! I'm so blessed to have seen another year pass and I've come through it with a smile on my face and joy in my heart DESPITE all the things that have transpired in the last 365 days! Lord, thank You for giving me one more year of Your grace & mercy!! I've been having a good time and celebrating since Friday! And MAY the party continue! The BEST part of having July 3 as a birthday: knowing that somewhere near it--usually the day after--there is a day OFF work!! Yes!
Here's what I've been doing in honor of the big 2-7!

Friday, I was actually celebrating the birthday of my friend Toya! (if you read this, Mrs Marshall, Crystal and I had a GREAT time! Thank you for letting us join in your fun! Lucy was FANTASTIC! And did I tell you that Crystal cried! LOL! She says she doesn't know why, but I think it was the dancing!!) We went to this Egyptian-themed (and owned, if I'm not mistaken) coffeehouse t…