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What's up all?

So, I haven't blogged in a minute!! I don't think there is anything too new going on with me! I'm still on the countdown to my 30th birthday!! Yippee!! I can't wait to celebrate!! Also, in 2 years, I've lost almost 45lbs. Wow...that's unbelievable! It seems like I talk about weight loss a lot now...especially considering I wasn't interested in it at all! But I'm proud!! What else? I'll probably be going back to school in the near teach special ed! And I still want to finish my culinary arts I've got some school in my future! Um, yay?! I need to get back on my modeling grind! I had lost my mojo for a minute, but it's back!! So...with spring here and summer not too far behind, I'm going to actively be looking for some opportunities! I have realized that I don't to hide my gifts and/or talents anymore!! So...I'm going to be very busy--as usual--in the next few, well, rest of my life!! :0)

PS That reminds me...…