Wreckless on the Road

So, I'm driving on 795 yesterday (headed towards Reisterstown for a tutoring session) and I'm looking around at all the other drivers. Now, I've heard those stories about people who drive on the highway and are putting on makeup and stuff like that...and I have put on lip gloss or something like that. But I was so AMAZED when I look to my right and there's a man driving and SHAVING!!! I mean, he had one of those electric (well, battery-run) shavers and was SHAVING as he drove along 795! Several questions came to mind!!
1) is this SAFE for him and for US...the other drivers on the road!
2) was he running THAT late??? Seriously, he felt that it was OK to leave the house with the thought "I can always just shave IN THE CAR?" Really?
3) isn't that NASTY? I mean, maybe he wasn't all that hairy, but still EWWW!

This was just appalling to me!! Wow!


PhillyPhile said…
I have changed out of my suit and into my gym clothes several time while driving my car. It's not as hard as it seems. The hardest part is changing my pants.
Tonyette said…
I can imagine that might be a smidge difficult--the pants, I mean!
Once when I was about 11, I changed out of my bathing suit back into my regular clothes in a moving car, at the suggestion of a friend's mom. We were on I-83 at the time!! And it WAS a one-piece!

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