Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder!

For those of you who read this and may not know me personally, I'm currently abstinent. (I guess that's how you say it!) Or maybe, I'm practicing abstinence. Whatever! Y'all know what I mean; I'm not presently sexually active! It's been years! I do it for many reasons and feel very proud! Yes, it can be difficult but it's a worthwhile commitment! I think the main question people ask is "Why?" Second-runner up question basically can be summed up as "how does that work?" (and THAT question comes in a VARIETY of ways!) So, today, I'm having a conversation with a co-worker who I consider a good friend. We ask each other pretty honest questions and whatever we were discussing led me to tell him about my "it's been years" thing! Well, AFTER I finally CONVINCED him that I was telling the truth, we had at least a half-hour or so conversation! And one of the most shocking things he said--because I've had this conversation with SO many people and am ready for just about anything, what he said was kind of like "huh?"--is that I should dress differently than I do! He's like, I shouldn't wear heels or jeans that fit well. That I should dress "like a schoolteacher"! (Whatever that means! I remember my 8th grade science teacher used to wear leather pants, so...) He asked why I own thongs if I'm not having sex. Told me that I should wear my hair back and not wear makeup! And I thought that was plenty ridiculous! He's basically saying because I'm not having sex, I shouldn't be sexy! I mean, don't get me wrong...I don't wear anything too crazy to work!! It's not anything that would qualify me for a "Jenny Jones: My friend dresses too sexy!" show. (y'all KNOW she had a MILLION and one spins on the "I'm too sexy" thing!" I RARELY wear skirts!! I don't wear heels all that much! Am I wrong to think that he's ludicrous? (Please read in your best Mike Tyson impression!)


Toya said…
He's quite ludicrous ... and ridiculous. There is no reason you have to look like a schoolmarm just because you choose to be celibate.
Tonyette said…
Thank you, Mrs. Marshall! I thought I was just being sensitive or whatever! He started up again today with "...we talked about this yesterday..." because I have on heels again today.
Toya said…
You know ... you might really need to tell him to mind his business.
Soulfull Diva said…
He's crazy, it's like a lot of ppl. (guys) on some celeb were debating whether Adriana Lima (the VS model) was really a virgin because how does she know "how to be sexy" and be a virgin. We are bombarded with sexual images all the time anyone can do things that seem like what ppl. think sexual is and be a virgin.

I think it's crazy that he wants you to not prettify yourself since you're not having sex; I guess he was saying you shouldn't be so "tempting" if you're not serving it up. LOL!
Tonyette said…
HEY Soulfull Diva! Anyway, yeah, after delving FURTHER into the conversation he was saying "don't be tempting if you aren't giving it up!" I was like WOW when I realized what he meant!!

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