Jams of Shame

Yes, ladies and gents...it IS that time again, where I 'fess up to songs that I like, but feel some kind of way about admitting that I like!

1) "SOS" by Rihanna--why so ashamed, you asked? B/c it's by RIHANNA! (who, by the way, I heard her say her name and she pronounces it as "ree-anna". Didn't know!) Um, but she's PRETTY wack so I feel kind of wack to like it!

2) "Check on It" by Beyonce--yes, Miss Overrated herself has made me a fan...of this song anyway! She's SO overrated that it's ACTUALLY sad but now when I hear this song, I actually find myself NOT turning the station. (And I have a secret crush on Slim Thug! Don't ask why, cause I don't know why!)

3) "Lean wit It, Rock wit It"--I think this one's actually ALMOST OK to like, but I still feel a little something when I do find myself in the car leaning and rocking with it!


PhillyPhile said…
I am a fan of Ms. B but I think the Check up on it song is the largest lump of crap she has tried to stuff down our thoats. It sounds like she wrote it in five minuest when she was three years old. The video looks just as bad.

But I love the SOS song. I check iTuens every week for the song so I can add it to my iPod.

I went on vacation this week and I saw a white girl from Wisconsin doing the snap. Can you say funny. I fell out and was literally rolling on the floor. When she heard me (or saw) me laughing she stop dancing and told me she would never dance as long as I was in the club. Funny.
Tonyette said…
Yeah, Check on It is SO juvenile. It's like "girl, you are about to be 25"! Now I realize she's not about to turn FIFTY or anything, but grow up, at least a LITTLE! And about the Wisconsin girlie not wanting to dance after you, that IS funny!
PhillyPhile said…
Uh Oh, Rihanna's new CD comes out today. I will be downloading SOS from iTuens tonight

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