Calling Shepherd Pratt

I talk to myself! Ok, I do! and I feel NO shame! And yes, I answer myself! And again, NO shame felt here! None! People say that it's OK to talk to yourself as long as you don't answer yourself. To that I say, WHATEVER!! Because I do both and I don't think it's strange at all! But I DO think I'm bananas sometimes! Why? Well, let me give the background story. Where I work, my building, we have a contract cleaning crew that cleans all day. And I have deduced that the company that has the contract must only hire people with some type of disability, and that some of them must have mental disabilities. There's a few women that, when they clean the bathroom, they carry on full conversations with themselves! Now, I, of all people, should be understanding of this situation! But, NO! Most times, I end up saying "here we go again!" Or "She's about to get started!" Now the thing that makes me obviously crazy is that I'm commenting TO MYSELF usually out loud (but lower than they'd hear) about someone else talking to herself. Yeah, that's crazy! I know!!


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