The truth DOES hurt!

So it's Tuesday and the day that I predicted my "gosh I feel sucky!" mood would end. WRONG!But it's ok because it's a different kind of sucky! I feel really bad because the Lord just revealed another "thing to change within myself" to me. And it's hurtful but I'll get over it and I'll be fine!!
I was thinking about it and I don't really post about my spiritual side or my relationship with the Lord a lot. Hmm! What's up with that? Don't really know! Anyway, the truth can REALLY hurt...especially when it's a truth about yourself. But like my pastor always says...the truth hurts...first! then it heals!" So I know I'll be a better person because of days like today! But it still cuts like a knife! (Picture me doing the "gesture" for "cuts like a knife" Tiff! LOL!)


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