A winter wedding

Ok, so after having talked it over with my sister Tiff and my friend Aly, I have confirmed it, I will be getting married in winter! My reason for wanting to get married during one of the wintry months: so I can wear a fur muff and cape (yes, Tiff the cape is a new addition) with my dress! I thought this might be too shallow a reason to pick a season in which to get married, but they both were like WHATEVER! You can use whatever reason you want to pick the time! Mind you, I don't have a boyfriend YET...but a friend of mine told me that you should be as prepared as possible BEFORE you start "officially" planning b/c otherwise you get too stressed out! So...at least I have that detail figured out!!


PhillyPhile said…
Fur Muff? Cape? I don’t know what you imagine but I am seeing a cross between Cruela Deville and some god awful dress I’ve seen Aretha Franklin in. Funny. But because you are one of the most beautiful people I know I am sure if any one can pull it off, you can.

Are you going to use real fur? If so, I will have Pamela Anderson send a few PETA tapes your house. Don’t make me have to show up outside the church naked and toss rice and blood and the bride and groom.

As far as the woman who told you to have your wedding details planned out before hand (and yes I am assuming that it is a woman because it sounds like something a female would say – no offense), god forbid that your fiancĂ© will want a destination in Rio or something like that. I hope you like silk capes and linen muffs.

However if he is down, then go for it. I say do what you want at your wedding. The music at my reception will be line dance songs only. Booty Call anyone?
Tonyette said…
LOL! You are hilarious but thank you for the compliment! It won't be THAT bad, trust me! Oh and no, not real fur!! PLEASE don't show up outside my church naked! After all, it'll be winter! As for a destination wedding, if my husband-to-be can finance a wedding in Rio, then sure! Otherwise, I'll be getting married at 7111 Windsor Blvd, zip 21244!

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