I'm ___ years older than...

I drive my brother to work in the mornings (until he saves up for another car) and we pass Randallstown High School on the way. Well, I started looking at all the kids on the way to school. And it got me thinking...I'm at least NINE years older than the SENIORS! Sheesh!
So, thinking about that made me think even harder. Now, by NO means do I think that, at 26 years old, I am old! I am just saying that time passed more QUICKLY than I realized!
Therefore, here is a list I've come up with:

I'm 5 years older than most COLLEGE seniors,
I'm 9 years older than most HIGH SCHOOL seniors,
I'm 13 years older than most EIGHTH graders,
I'm 16 years older than most FIFTH graders,
I'm 20 years older than most FIRST graders, and lastly
I'm 22 years older than the average K-4 student!
Wow! but the funny part is that I'm still only 26! So, life is good! (but it feels like I JUST learned to tie my shoes! What happened? Is this how life will be from now on? Just ZIPPING by?)


PhillyPhile said…
I always think about a conversation you and I at UMES about being in our 20’s. We talked about how when were kids playing adults you were always 20 or 25 and had several kids, owned multiple cars all luxury or sport of course, a mansion and a summer home, you were a doctor/lawyer/fireman/librarian/movie star who did hair on the weekend and you were a millionaire. But actually when I was 20 we juniors in college, with no kids or desire to have any at that point in time. I had a second hand car that would overheat if I took it past 20 miles an hour and could barley balance a checkbook let alone pay rent. I was scared of a pending graduation because that would mean that I would have to decide on one career and I had yet to be discovered by Warner Brother’s so my acting career could take off. Last but far from least, I felt lucky if I had $20 in my pocket.

I am now 26, and although I am doing well for myself. I have yet achieved half those things. Time sure does fly.
Tonyette said…
Yep, it does!!

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