How the mind works!

I really appreciate clever things!! And quite honestly, I especially like it when I get it and most people don't! (Hey, it's my blog so I can say what I want! I can be as honest as I want!)

There's an apartment complex off Liberty Road in Randallstown that's called Shakespeare Park. I ride past it often enough but never really noticed the name of the street that it's on. Well, this morning I rode by and noticed that it's on Anne Hathaway Drive. I was thinking to myself (becuase I didn't want my brother to think I was nuts, so I didn't say it out loud) "Cool! Anne Hathaway was Shakespeare's wife. How SLICK is that?" So, I thought that was all cute and clever!

But it's so funny because I can't believe I remembered that. Like, when is the last time that I even read about Shakespeare's life? The mind is so funny because I have to STRAIN my brain to think of what I wore yesterday (oh, I remember, now) but I remembered that William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway were spouses in the what, 16th century? What?! That's crazy, but SUCH is my mind!


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