Why do I do it?

Ok, I think I've talked about it before but I watch the Flavor of Love and I don't even know why!! Tonight's episode was so bad that I had to keep hiding my eyes because I honestly think it's disgusting to watch Flav kiss these women!! UGH! (Ok, so I really don't like to see anyone kiss, but Flavor Flav...YIKES!) And he kisses them like one right after the other!! Yuck!! And to me they are nasty to kiss him RIGHT after he's just kissed another woman! Wait, no, they are nasty because they want to kiss Flav at all, but they are utterly disgusting b/c they will kiss him right after he kisses another one of the women!! But...I'm talking LOTS of smack because I will be RIGHT back watching the newest episode next week! Sheesh!


PhillyPHile said…
It's the whole trainwreck syndrome. You know it's gonna be ugly but you can't look away.
Tonyette said…
You are so right!

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