Today is a beautiful autumn day and I feel like writing so I will...let's just see where my mind takes us today!! Let's start off with this: I'm staying over at a friend's while she and her new hubby are on their honeymoon but I HATE packing clothes (because I get lazy with stuff like that) so I go home EVERY DAY and get something to wear for the next day! Well, I assumed that I left a particular pair of black heels at her house so when I went home last night, all I got was the outfit for today--sufficient toiletries and skivs had been left there--but when I woke up and got dressed this morning the aforementioned heels were NOT there! What WERE my shoe choices? Glad you asked! Black flip flops, pink heels and brown loafers--which are like 4 years old--and some pink sandals! My outfit today was centered around a black, white and turquoise theme so in my opinion, the only real shoe choice I had was the black flip flops! Yes, Toya, I know I'm WAY wrong for wearing them to work!! But I'm even more upset about the fact that it's a beautiful CHILLY autumn day! So yeah...I feel like a genius!! Let's see, what else, I've got a busy weekend planned and I'm already tired, so I don't know how any of this will work out! I think I'll have to nap somewhere in there today!! But I'm excited b/c I'm going to be on wedding overload by the end of next weekend! I was in a wedding last weekend, I'll be attending another one tomorrow and dancing in another! Then, next week, I'm dancing in the vow renewal ceremony of my aunt and uncle!! Lots of weddings! That's good stuff! Now, it's time to concentrate on lunch...any suggestions? LOL! I guess I'll end this right here and now!


toya said…
Well, at least you knew what I was going to say before I said it!

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