Here we go again!!

Taco has laid another egg! This time my brother was around to intercept it and created a little nest for the egg! Hopefully, this one will hatch! But of course, that then means we've got to find a home for the new baby! Either way, we are excited again!! And my mom is calling herself a great grandmother again!!


Frank said…
good luck with the new kid!

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PhillyPhile said…
I just want to prepare you and your family for what may be another disappointment. Perhaps the kind of turtle Taco is may lay eggs regularly, however, none of them will be fertilized, similar to hens. Hens lay eggs every so often, sort of the chicken’s equivalent to a menstrual cycle. The hen obviously has to copulate with a rooster for the egg to be fertilized, however an egg will come out fertilized or not.

I am assuming that there is only one turtle and no pre-material turtle-love going on under your mother’s roof. Which means that this and future eggs are likely unfertilized. But I may be wrong. If so, good luck on the new addition to your family.
Tonyette said…
Well, I read that turtles can "keep" or "store" sperm for up to 3 years (or perhaps 2) but either way, you were right. This one won't hatch either. Oh well! Either way it makes me sad b/c Taco looks SO tired after she lays an egg!

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