What's Left of him!

So...I DID predict the divorce of Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson back in September of last year. But...of course, who DIDN'T see that coming? So, since he's available, and I'm currently available, I feel like it's just a matter of time before I'm Tonyette Lache Lachey!

(Am watching the pre-show thing for the VMAs since I didn't see the whole thing on Thursday and he's just as cute as ever!! Whoo!)


toya said…
I will *have* to fight you if you EVER have the name Tonyette Lache Lachey. That would just be *too* much.
Tonyette said…
LOL!! Too much? Darn! Ok! But even still, I could go from Tonyette Lache Bethea to Tonyette Bethea Lachey! ROFL! I think that's even cuter!
toya said…
Oh my GOD. I just can't speak to you right now. That was just ... ugh. Tonyette Bethea Lachey. Goodness gracious.
Tonyette said…
LOL!!! I'm just enjoying disgusting you at this point, Mrs. Marshall!

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