When you feel good...

You know how "they" say "when you look good, you feel good!"? I'm convinced that saying works just as well the other way!! I think that when you feel good, you look good! I have gotten SO many compliments today and while I do think that my outfit today is pretty and my hair and makeup look good, too, I truthfully think it's just because I am so happy today!!! I'm walking with my head up and I'm smiling!!

Why am I so happy? Glad you asked! Well, I've just been reminded that GOD had NOT forgotten about me!! He knows the plans He has for me and I'm happy about that! Sometimes things happen and you think, or even say, "um...God...HELLO?!"But He'll always remind me that He knows I'm down here and knows what I'm going through!! And lately GOD has really been showing me over and over that He's the best provider we could want or ask for!! Even friends keep on telling me how He's doing BIG things in their lives!! So I'm excited!! And I feel good...and therefore look good! At least, I think!


I agree!! When you feel good...your confidence shines through....so keep on keeping that head up! God nevers forgets about his children.

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