He's a champion...?!

SO..yeah I will have two back-to-back posts about one thing: Diddy! Now, again, I LOVE HIM! I honestly do...and sometimes I wonder why! Because in "real life" I HATE extra-ness! I don't like over-the-top, ridiculous, "doing too much" people! And yet, this man who wouldn't be anything if not extra, I love him unconditionally! And I feel it's BECAUSE of that love that I feel like I can properly get on him!! Don't know how many of you have MySpace, or have even heard of it for that matter! But it makes no difference, what matters is that on Diddy's MySpace page, he has a "emergency announcement" posted; it's a video explaining that he and Kim are expecting twins. Ok, great!! Congratulations!! Two new lives to welcome into the world! How exciting for you and your family...but "emergency announcement!" Um...NO SIR! And the fact that he was like "I said, 'baby, you are big!'" was the reason that they decided to head to the doctor's was...well, honest but a lil ignorant!! And the entire time, Kim's just standing there with her profile to us, so I guess we see that she is indeed "big!" And Diddy takes special pride in the fact that they are having twins because I guess he feels "personally responsible!" Now I don't remember exactly what I learned in this area...but does he honestly have the right to be so proud of himself for causing his girlfriend--and yeah, are THEY ever gettin' married--to be pregnant with twins? Like I mean, should he feel like he accomplished some particularly hard feat? He said, "I'm the champion!" Wow! Fatherly pride--I'd never knock it but wow!! And he goes "no press release. I'm just telling my family and friends" and the whole WORLD b/c if you posted it on MySpace, you KNOW the whole galaxy will be tuning it!! Yeah...it's about time for me re-evaluate this love I have for this man!


PhillyPhile said…
Regarding Diddy being proud: If the twins are identical, I guess in some weird way Diddy can be proud. Identical twins are when one fertilized egg splits into two embryos. Among the ignorant, one can assume that Diddy’s sperm is so strong that it sliced right through that egg creating two. However if they are fraternal twins that means that Kim’s ovaries were working overtime and kicked out two eggs at one time and had nothing to do with Diddy. However using the logic of before, what would one think of conjoined twins which are identical twins which did not completely separate?

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