Patti Patti

Ok, is it just me or Patti Labelle a diva levels above ANYONE else, a woman whom all women should aspire to be like?
Ok, first, I was watching "Living it Up with Patti Labelle." That is such a good show, simply because it's all about Patti. The episode last night was her with Mo'Nique at G. Garvin's restaurant. (I also LOVE Mo'Nique! BTW). Mo'Nique was talking about how she saw Patti at some show when she was like 17 (I turned the channel on a little late and missed some of it) and Patti allowed a fan to come up on stage and get a hug. Mo'Nique was saying how impressed she was and how she loves Patti. Patti, wonderful woman that she is, was so touched that she had tears! Patti is the freaking WOMAN! She was so encouraging! And she had brought Mo'Nique a gift! Ms. Labelle is IT!

Then, I was watching the tribute to her on UPN. Uh...besides the fact that she had a "pound of Vaseline" on her legs--according to my mother--Patti looks phenomenal to be 60! Wow! And yes, she's REALLY nice. I mean, to allow Ashanti to "sing" onstage with her, what a BIG HEART she must have! LOL! Because c'mon, raise your hand if you HONESTLY think that Ashanti can even STAND on the same stage as Patti Labelle! oh, and MY group, Boyz II Men still sound FANTABULOUS! first MAJOR celebrity crush (don't joke me. but y'all know how I am, I don't care anyway!) though: Wanya? Did he gain some marriage weight or is it just me? Wow! But still a cutie! Yeah, about him, though, let's get a different wardrobe. Now I realize that BIIM isn't as in demand as they once were so we see them sort of sporadically (though I don't know why. I STILL love them) but the last 2 or 3 times I've seen him, Wanya has had the same outfit on, basically! Dark jacket, white shirt and jeans with tennis shoes! Boo, what's up with that? Just wanted to get that off my chest! Oh yes and Nelly just seems to get finer and finer! (because I was NOT on him when he first came out! Maybe he's one of those "the older the better" kind of dudes.) But back to the subject at hand, Patti Labelle, now she is hotness personified!


Ericka said…
I was a bit disappointed at the UPN special because those "stars" were all B-list. Ashanti? And I love Boyz II Men, but what were they doing? Patti is in a class alone. No one can touch her. The only young person with her talent is Fantasia. You got to get UGLY to saaaang. These young chicks stay trying to be cute. You can't be cute and sang too. It just doesn't work. Hey Ton! Thanks for letting me share.
Tonyette said…
Thanks for sharing Mademoiselle Ericka!! You are RIGHT, your face gotta be twisted up to SANG!! And yeah, those people were pretty B-list. But c'mon, it WAS UPN!
PhillyPhile said…
I feel you. Patti is the stuff, although I do feel that she is a bit insincere, and that her personality is an act. The same way I feel about Will Smith who is totally my personality role model (I guess that says a lot about me). But, I do love Patti. She always dresses classy with a touch of Philly’s over the top “I’m gonna be the sharpest thing in the room” attitude. She can sing my tail off, and when she wails I get heart palpitations.

Now as for singers, I don’t know. But I have seen Patti at other people tributes and there are not a lot of people that can sing (and be heard) with her. BeyoncĂ©? Maybe. Fantasia? Possibly (although with the two of them hopping/bo-boing all around the stage it would be a sight). Chaka Khan? Only if you want the audience to need an after concert Advil from all the screaming. Yolanda Adams (who I am totally on) proved that she has the big voice and skill. That would have been a good duet. But back to my feelings on Patti’s attitude. I don’t think she would even want someone on stage who would give her a run for her money. I could see Ms Labelle pushing her right off stage. Teaming with Ashanti makes Patti look gracious, and makes us long for the days of New Attitude.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any big voiced singer today. That sound is dated like Brownstone (who I want to come back). For some reason we like the girls who can’t sing above a whisper. I think it has to do with the loss of Aaliyah.

Now that I said all that. I really liked the tribute, and love Patti.
Toya said…
Sorry, I gotta disagree. I'm not feeling La Patti. Never have. Her screaming voice irritates the mess out of me. And I am profoundly disappointed with the amount of plastic surgery she has had.

But, Ashanti? Yeah, not so much. She's not even worthy to tie Patti's shoes.
Ms_Kenesha said…
Alright my love, I have to totally disagree, I prob. dislike Patti for all the reasons that you love her. I will give her this, she looks good for her age and she can SANG! I hate her show Living It Up, because it IS so all about Patti, I hate that she always tries to outsing anyone she duets with, now at the tribute that was just easy because they were all lightweights, but she does that on EVERY duet.

I also have to disagree with you on BIIM, they sounded so wack I couldn't even watch the whole thing.

One last note on the tribute, on a tribute aren't you supposed to sit back and let ppl. well, TRIBUTE you! Why did she sing on everysong? At a tribute you just sing at the end as the big finale. They should have called it the Patti duet show.

Last, but not least, I wish Phillyphile would get his own blog that I could go to and read!
Tonyette said…
I MUST agree, Phillyphile, HOMEY, it's time for your OWN blog!! I have to tell you that almost ALL the other people who comment on my blog have their own too! LOL! It's nothing but love my dear, but I think you should just jump out there and do it!
And dang, people hatin' on Patti Patti. That's ok, I still love her(with her face-lifted self!) I WAS thinking, though, that she should just CHILL! How's it gonna be a tribute show when she's doing 75% of the singing?

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