Cars that go boom...

Yep, so me BEING me, I did the research b/c I couldn't remember the group name of Tigra and Bunny! They were called L'Trimm! Wow, their two "hits" were Grab It...and the aforementioned song! LOL! I remember first of all that I used to think they were wack, even back then!!! I found out that the first album (with the two known songs) was released in 1988, so I was like 9. So for me to think they were wack in the 80s, they MUST have been wack! Ugh! I remember I used to always imitate the "we're Tigra...and Bunny...and we like the boom!" part for laughs! Did anyone know that they released 3 albums? Wow!


tearsforwater said…
We're tigra and bunny and we like the boom. If you were 9, I was 5 and I also thought that song was wack. How ignant was I to be a 5 year old. Then again with you as a big sister, and I was impressionable, it's possible!
Toya said…
Good LORD! Is *that* what they were called??? I didn't even remember! All I know is that I humiliated myself to get an A on a test, which shows you in what dire straits I was, as far as math was concerned.
Tonyette said…
LOL! Tiff it was QUITE igNORant for you to think they were wack at age 5!
Toya, yep, that's what they were called! Unfortunately! Wow, yes, you must have DESPERATELY needed that A!

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