I'm so thankful!!!!!!!!!!

So, it's Saturday and Thanksgiving was Thursday. Ok, aside from the WONDERFUL food and FANTASTIC desserts, I was really happy Thursday, just to be alive and well to see another Turkey Day. I had a house to wake up in, a family to eat with and a car to drive me from place to place! So, Thursday, I was grateful!

But two things have happened since Thanksgiving day that have made me more than grateful. I've since realized that I'm BLESSED and for that, I'm forever appreciative!
First, yesterday, I was off work--woke up dizzy and kept drifting in and out of sleep--so one of the few hours that I was actually woke, I watched MTV's True Life: I'm Dead Broke. WOW! It followed three young people: DeMarlon, 21; Alexa, 18; Sandra 22. All three were struggling to deal with poverty! To see people who have literally half (or less) than what I have, but still are willing to fight to make it really moved me. I mean, I was crying and everything!! The guy DeMarlon was determined to help his family (his mom, dad & siblings). Alexa wanted to really get her diploma and a car--though she did have to end up going back home. She had moved out of town in order to better herself. Sandra (and her boyfriend) did what they had to do to get a new place to live. Also, they both eventually found good, steady, full-time jobs! I just kept saying "God I thank YOU!" as I watched because I really don't have "real" reason to complain!! The second thing happened today. My church has an outreach where once a month one or two ministries take food, clothes and/or toiletries down to the Oasis (near Fallsway) Men's Shelter. We also pray with any of the men who want it. I'd gone once before so I kind of knew what to expect. It's always an eye-opener because the men (for the most part) aren't what you'd expect. They aren't just some crazy drunks or junkies. They are men who are "down on their luck" a lot of times. Each time I go, there is one who is my age or a little younger. And I listen to their stories and I'm like "God I thank you!!" because with a few wrong decisions, it could have easily been me on the street!

Sometimes we need something to wake us up & remind us that no matter what our problems are, they could ALWAYS be worse! So, right now, I'm very appreciative...of ALL that I have and all the things I don't have to worry about! I'm glad that the struggles I do suffer are not for mere survival. I am glad for the "little things" these days and I hope that I'll always remember this year's Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend!


tearsforwater said…
I totally agree with you Ton. In fact realizing that there is someone always worse off than you keeps you humble, thankful, and you always have a mission, to help them out! Awesome post.
Tonyette said…
Thanks, Tiff. Seriously, those two happenings really put some stuff into perspective for me!

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