It's almost Thanksgiving...

In years past--especially my college years--as soon as summer was over, I'd be on a countdown to Thanksgiving! This year, not so! Today is Tuesday & Thursday is Thanksgiving, but I'm rather un-excited! When I was at UMES, I'd be like "only 2 months and 16 days until I get to EAT REAL FOOD!" But this year, I'm like "it's whatever!" I wonder what that's about. Is it because I'm getting older? Is it because this year was rather tough and I couldn't even think as far as the next week, let alone months? Hmm...either way, thinking about my mother's cornbread stuffing, I think I can get a little excited now!


tearsforwater said…
Oh it's Thursday. Sike, I'm kidding but I feel you. Other than the food and the doggy bag that I will take from each house, I'm like Blah Blah Blah. (Trina style, LOL)

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